Any gift can be special, simply by being given. But when a gift manages to feel genuinely meaningful, it can feel wondrous. 

A carefully chosen gift has the potential to express a great deal. It can say to someone: I see you. I support you. I appreciate you. I see the ways you’re special, the ways you’re struggling, and the hopes, goals, and plans you’re reaching for. I validate your journey, and I’m privileged to be part of it.

We all hope that the gifts we give feel meaningful to those who receive them. But for the team at Bloom Jewelry, the 2021 holiday season feels like an important opportunity to help our customers make their gifts even more meaningful. 

Gifts with meaning: These days, that’s the goal that drives our designs. That goal is also why — even though Bloom’s new 2021 collections still followed the trends — we found ourselves taking them a level deeper. On our blog, Bloom’s head designer Lindsay recently wrote about how her experiences finding new levels of gratitude and meaning have impacted the collections Bloom has created throughout 2021. 

If you’re searching for gifts with meaning, below are a handful of the 2021 Bloom Jewelry collections that felt the most meaningful for our team. 

Over the Rainbow Collection: A Celebration of Love, Life, and Light

Remember how, at the beginning of the summer, things were looking and feeling so much brighter? Sure, that was before the Delta variant put us all in our places — but we hold firm: We were ready to be hopeful, and to look for and celebrate the light. We still are. 

Know someone who’s ready to focus on the light? Or who needs a little help remembering that rainbows often follow the rain? Bloom’s 2021 Over the Rainbow Collection expresses this through an actual rainbow of gemstones, each of which has a special meaning we wanted to capture. Read about the inspiration and meanings behind the gemstones and materials that make up a Bloom Rainbow in our blog (including Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Turquoise, and Gold), view the entire Over the Rainbow Collection, or check out one of our favorites, the Rainbow Filigree Layering Necklace. The 14K Gold Filled filigree chain, which can be worn at varying lengths from 18”-19”, is lovely on its own or — you guessed it — as a layering necklace. (Here’s how to work it in.)

  • Rainbow-Large-Filigree-Layering-Necklace Bloom Jewelry Over the Rainbow Collection
    Rainbow Filigree Layering Necklace

Traveler’s Collection: Evil Eye Jewelry to Protect Your Journey

The idea of the evil eye goes back more than 5,000 years. While you can learn all about the history of the evil eye in our blog, the gist of the idea is that we can all use a little passive protection against those who may not wish us well. Wearing evil eye jewelry is thought to provide that protection. In our 2021 Traveler’s Collection, we paired the evil eye with Turquoise — also thought to promote good fortune, health, and protection from evil.

Know someone who may need a little protection along their journey? Whether or not you believe in the superstition of the evil eye, giving a piece of gorgeous evil eye or Turquoise jewelry is a nice way to say, “Hey, I’ve got your back.” View all of the pieces in our 2021 Traveler’s Collection here, or check out our adorable Evil Eye Turquoise Rosary Bracelet. It’s ready to go anywhere, either on its own or as part of a great bracelet stack. (In case you missed it, check out our guide to stacking bracelets.)

  • Evil Eye Turquoise Rosary Bracelet
    Evil Eye Turquoise Rosary Bracelet

Labradorite Collection: Helping You Connect with Your Inner Light

To be honest, we started working with Labradorite because of its incredible, seemingly light-infused appearance. It’s gorgeous, striking, and unlike anything else. But when we learned about the supposed meanings and healing properties of Labradorite, it gave even more meaning to the pieces we were creating with it. As we detailed in our blog, Labradorite is thought to help people connect with their inner self-worth, creativity, truth, and power, while also helping to heal and shield from negativity. What’s not to love about that?

Know someone who’s trying to tap into their inner light to transform their life? Give the gift of a piece of Labradorite jewelry, reminding them that their inner light is always within reach. View our entire Labradorite Collection here, or check out our Labradorite Mixed Metal Four Strand Toggle Necklace, a versatile favorite that can be worn either long or short. 

  • Labradorite Mixed Metal Toggle Necklace | Handcrafted in Denver, CO
    Labradorite Mixed Metal Four Strand Toggle Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Collection: Promoting Wisdom, Peace of Mind, and Health

September birthstone Lapis Lazuli has always been one of Lindsay’s favorites, reminiscent of the Connecticut shorelines where she grew up and the bright-blue Grecian beaches she loves to visit. But it was fun to discover Lapis Lazuli’s long, illustrious history, covering everything from Cleopatra’s eyelids to Michelangelo’s incredible Sistine Chapel ceiling — all of which we covered in our blog. And it seemed pretty perfect when we learned about all of the inspiring meanings behind and supposed healing properties of Lapis Lazuli. It’s known as a stone of wisdom, good health, the starry skies, protection, and more. 

Know someone whose day-to-day could benefit from some good health and inner wisdom? View our full Lapis Lazuli collection here, or check out our elegant, go-everywhere Lapis Drop Earrings. With Bloom’s Signature 14K Gold Filled Hand Wrapping and Gold Edged Lapis Tears, these lightweight earrings make it easy to make ancient Lapis Lazuli part of our modern-day experience. 

  • Lapis Tear Drop Earrings | Handcrafted Lapis Jewelry Bloom Jewelry
    Lapis Drop Earrings

White Moonstone Collection: Celebrating Luck, Love, Renewal — and Moonbeams

Some cultures believe that the otherworldly White Moonstone is made of solidified moonbeams. The stone’s unique appearance is a result of the gemstone’s adularescence, a light-scattering effect caused by the manner in which it forms. Known as The Lover’s Stone in many cultures, White Moonstone is also associated with tranquility, fertility, growth, luck, abundance, and the renewal of the seasons. Learn more in our blog. 

Know someone who’s seeking a bit of luck, love, or renewal? Or who needs a reminder that seasons change — and we do, too? You could do far worse than a meaningful gift of White Moonstone jewelry. View our entire collection here, or behold the lovely simplicity of our White Moonstone & Silver Filigree Anklet. It can be clasped on any link of the chain (maximum 10.5”), making it an easy fit for anyone. 

  • White Moonstone silver Filigree Anklet | handcrafted jewelry in Denver, co
    White Moonstone & Silver Filigree Anklet

Want more holiday 2021 gift ideas? We invite you to explore some of our other featured gemstones (like Ruby, Sapphire and Kyanite, and Turquoise) and birthstones on our blog. You could also check out Bloom Jewelry’s Holiday 2021 Gift Guide, which offers a generous range of great gifts under $100, bestsellers, holiday huggies and hoops, pearls, gold jewelry, chokers, bracelets, anklets, layering chains, and diamond favorites, coins, and studs. It’s bound to have something that’s just right for all the jewelry lovers on your list!

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