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Rainbows happen when sunlight and rain come together. You can’t have one without the other. That awe-inspiring phenomenon of color, beauty, and light comes only when the rain is still near.

Our world has seen some dark times this past year, and the rain hasn’t gone away entirely. But the sun is at last breaking through. The rainbows are coming. We just need to remember to look for them. 

Personally, I’m ready to see the rainbows through the rain. I feel a heaviness lifting — a world reawakening. And to me rainbows are a celebration of love, life, light, and experience, bringing a welcome shock of color, happiness, and hope into the world each time they appear. That’s why rainbows are the inspiration behind Bloom Jewelry’s new “Over the Rainbow” Collection.

I created this collection from a joyful place in my heart. I wanted to share joy, happiness, love, and peace. Rainbows make me happy, and I believe wholeheartedly love is love. It’s really as simple as that. In that spirit, I invite you to shop our “Over the Rainbow” Collection, created to help us share and celebrate the happiness, love, and hope we see in a world that’s opening anew.

What’s in a Bloom Rainbow? 

Every piece in our “Over the Rainbow” Collection includes Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Turquoise, and Gold. I like to think that — by bringing together these high-quality gemstones and materials — we’ve created some truly special pieces that embody some of the best ways we can care for ourselves and others. 

Whatever you think about the supposed meanings and healing properties of gemstones, it’s undeniable that jewelry empowers us. According to age-old lore, here’s what’s inside Bloom’s rainbows:

  • RUBY, a resplendent red gemstone that symbolizes love, health, and passion, thought to promote vitality, health, wellness, and success. Also a July birthstone. 
  • CARNELIAN, a warm orange sunset of a stone thought to stabilize and energize both body and mind, helping to clear away negativity, promote creativity, strength, courage, and rebirth, and motivate you to embrace the new. Also a July birthstone.
  • CITRINE, an uplifting yellow quartz thought to have a joyful, happy, and purifying energy, helping you to see into your heart and imagination, and to manifest your desires and ideas as action. Also a November birthstone. 
  • EMERALD, a rich green gemstone known to comfort the eyes (science actually proves this out!) and thought to comfort, open, and nurture both the heart and the mind, promoting friendship, unconditional love, clear thinking, and wisdom. Also a May birthstone. 
  • SAPPHIRE, a gorgeous blue gemstone thought to help calm and focus the mind, balance emotions, and promote wisdom and self-protection. Also a September birthstone. 
  • AMETHYST, a captivating violet quartz thought to promote mental and spiritual health and clarity, inner strength, self-protection, and self-empowerment. Also a February birthstone. 
  • TURQUOISE, a happy blue-green stone and one of the world’s most ancient gems, thought to promote balance, good fortune, health, and protection from evil. Also a December birthstone. 
  • GOLD, because we’ve all heard about that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ours isn’t mythical! It’s Gold Filled! (Here’s what that means.

What ELSE Might Be in Bloom’s Rainbow Jewelry? 

Someone recently shared with me a history of the Pride Rainbow Flag. I’d had no idea of the flag’s origins. But when I learned of the significance the flag’s designer assigned to each color, it felt like another wonderful rendition of many of the feelings and ideas I’ve tried to capture in this collection. So I want to share that as well, in case these ideas express better what a rainbow means for YOU. 

As reported in The Washington Post, according to Rainbow Flag designer Gilbert Baker, red stands for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit. The earliest versions of the flag even included turquoise, for art! I’m thrilled to think that our “Over the Rainbow” Collection can help bring these beautiful ideas to full-color, vibrant life. 

Shop the “Over the Rainbow” Collection

Whatever rainbows mean for you, I hope you find something to love within our new collection. Below, I’m sharing —  and wearing — some of my personal favorites.

Our Rainbow Stretch Bracelet, available in three sizes (so that it fits your wrist!), nestles a series of THREE Bloom rainbows inside a generous amount of gorgeous turquoise. No matter what I’m doing throughout my day, I love being able to look down and see rainbows. 

Our Rainbow Filigree Layering Necklace stretches the rainbow pattern along our Bloom customer favorite layering necklace. The 14K Gold Filled filigree chain, which can be worn at varying lengths from 18”-19”, is lovely on its own or — you guessed it — as a layering necklace. (Here’s how to work it in.)

Summertime means anklets get their time in the sun, which is why our Rainbow Filigree Anklet is one of my favorites in our new collection. A subtler way to display your Bloom rainbow, the anklet has a slightly larger 14K Gold Filled filigree chain and spring ring you can clasp anywhere on the chain.

Love, Lindsay

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