Lindsay's Fall Bracelet Stack

In 2021, the bangles were clearly back. No, we’re not talking about the famed ‘80s-era band, who are apparently still holding their own. We’re talking about those gorgeous bangle bracelets that have been gracing the arms of countless runway models, fashion-forward stars, and other style-conscious humans throughout 2021. 

At Bloom, we have always loved bangles. That’s why you’ll find a range of bangles among our signature styles. But we think that — like the layered necklace trend — the bangles trend is also likely to stand the test of time. Why? Well, bangles have always been a fit with classic elegance and sophisticated style. But they’re also a ton of fun to wear and stack. Think of it as your own personal Arm Party!

Since our customers have resoundingly said they’ve enjoyed our tutorials on how to layer necklaces, we decided to put together a blog on how to stack bracelets. Welcome to Bloom’s guide on how to make a perfect bangle stack.

Lindsay’s Favorite Goes-with-Everything Bracelet Stack

As Bloom’s head designer, I’m obviously a massive fan of jewelry. And the truth is that you’ll rarely find me without a stack of bracelets on one or both of my arms. Here’s exactly how I stack my bangles with Bloom’s other signature bracelet styles to create my personal favorite day-to-day bracelet stack.

To start with, I usually wear at least three of the following four styles daily…

Bloom’s Signature Double Wrapped Hammered Cuff Bangle is a hammered open cuff one-size-fits-all bangle available in either 24k Gold Plating or Sterling Silver Plating. A graceful 3mm wide, it’s finished with our signature hand wrapping on both ends. It’s a simple, elegant, and subtle bangle choice that’s easily dressed up or down. 

Next comes our even subtler Signature Skinny Bangle, available in the same finishes. The sections of hand wrapping around these skinny bangles complement the hand wrapping on the Hammered Cuff Bangle. 

Depending on what I’m wearing, I also like to mix in our Signature Bangle in either 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, or a mix of the two metals. This hand wrapped bangle has real presence in any bangle stack. 

Last but not least, I can rarely resist adding one of our Large Curb Signature Bracelets to my daily bracelet stack. The double curb chain is both trendy and timeless, and it serves as a fantastic contrast to the sleekness of the bangles. 

Adding Texture and Color to Your Bangle & Bracelet Stack

When I want a little more texture and color in my bracelet stack, I typically choose between two options. 

First, our Leather Channel Bangles have soft hand wrapped deerskin leather in a range of truly lovely colors. The photo features one of my favorite color combinations for these bangles: sage leather with gold and brass. Choose from thin (4mm wide) or thick (9.5mm wide) channels for these bangles.

For another option, I like adding one of our highly versatile Triple Wrap Leather Cuff Bracelets to my bracelet stack. With their magnetic clasp cuffs, they’re wonderfully easy to put on — and since they’re available in a wide range of leather colors, styles, widths, and sizes, there’s a style and size combination that’s perfect for everyone. Below is one I love: our Thin Triple Wrap Leather Cuff Bracelet in storm with an antique brass cuff. 

Want some help in building your perfect bangle or bracelet stack? We offer Personal Shopper and Stylist services, too! Send us a message at to learn more. 


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