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We can all use a little help, encouragement, and inspiration sometimes. Whatever you believe about the healing properties of gemstones, it’s undeniable: Jewelry empowers us. That’s the motivation behind our Gemstone Feature series. By sharing the stories of some of the gemstones gracing our latest Bloom pieces, we celebrate the countless ways jewelry brings positive energy to our lives.

This month, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we honor the dazzling Ruby as our Gemstone of the Month. Ruby is the July birthstone. It’s also the gem associated with the 15th and 40th anniversaries. And while its vibrant red hues already make it a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day gifts, the Ruby’s history and lore show that the gemstone has long been favored for promoting success in life and love. 

Rubies, the most valuable variety of corundum, are red due to the presence of the trace element chromium. As the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) explains, “The strength of ruby’s red depends on how much chromium is present — the more chromium, the stronger the red color.” 

What Is the Meaning of Ruby?

Ruby’s striking coloration led to an association with blood, the sustaining force of life. The symbolism and meaning of Ruby has long been tied up with blood, the heart, and the concepts of health, warmth, and personal protection. 

Throughout history, it wasn’t a stretch for people to translate thriving health and vitality to the ability to accumulate success, power, and wealth. In tandem with Rubies’ exquisite beauty and rarity, this meant that Rubies came to be associated with kings and royalty. GIA cites that, in India, Ruby was referred to as the “king of precious stones.” The International Gem Society (IGS) reports that many cultures consider the Ruby a “stone of kings.” Rubies were often used in crowns and crown jewels. (Hmmm…. think those bright red “power ties” owe anything to the sparkling Rubies of kings and queens of yore?)

Whether for kings or mere mortals, dreams of Rubies were thought to portend business success, a good harvest, or great joy. 

Over the years, the meaning of Ruby also came to be associated with romantic love. Thought to inspire passion, devotion, sensuality, and happiness, the Ruby is often given as a gift to a romantic partner. 

What Are the Healing Properties of Ruby?

The supposed healing properties of Ruby align well with the symbolism and meaning of Ruby. The Ruby is thought to promote vitality, health, wellness, and success. It is also thought to be a protective stone, shielding both wearers and their wealth from enemies, negative energy, or other perils.   

As both GIA and IGS recount, the Ruby was prized as the stone of soldiers by the ancient Burmese, who believed that it bestowed invincibility. IGS explains that, when worn as a talisman, it was believed that the Ruby would promote peaceful living, since “None could take their land or rank.” Other sources believed that Rubies could stop bleeding and inflammation, or that its “inner fire” could help to keep someone physically warm. While we won’t promote the use of Rubies for first aid or home heating, we love the idea of a gemstone that helps us feel protected, self-possessed, and destined for success. 

Whatever you think of the supposed healing properties of Ruby, this gorgeous gemstone has a message of empowerment that fits your life. Whether that’s feeling a little more confident, strong, passionate, or even royal, we embrace the spirit of the Ruby in the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Here at Bloom Jewelry, we love working with Rubies. Below are a few of our favorite pieces from this season’s collection of Rubies

Our Ruby Rondelle Stardust Drop Earrings offer an attractive price point for starting or expanding your Ruby collection. Accented by 14k gold filled hand wrapping, they keep royal Rubies accessible for all.

We invite you to take a closer look at our Ruby Antique & Rolo Long Necklace. A truly stunning oval cut of Ruby is edged in gold and complemented with a 34” long mixed metal antique and gunmetal rolo chain. Wear it long or doubled up — your mood, your choice!

Our Ruby Wrapped Hoops, hand crafted from 14k gold filled wire, take a classic shape and add gold-edged faceted cut Rubies and our unique hand wrapping. These versatile earrings can effortlessly go from casual to elegant.

As for me, I think I may borrow one of our Ruby & Pink Sapphire Chokers to place on my bedside table tonight. If I can GET myself to dream of Rubies, does that still mean I’m destined for unbridled wealth and success? 

Have your own dream of Rubies that you’d like to turn into a reality? We create custom pieces, too! Just send us a note and we can set up a time to talk about what’s possible with our custom jewelry design services.


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