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Step Up Your Silver Game – and Stand Out This Fall in Silver Jewelry

The 2023 jewelry trends for fall are in – and as Marie Claire and others have reported, silver has emerged as the prominent metal for fall. Many of the season’s most popular Fashion Week runway shows featured wearable fashions paired with down-to-earth silver jewelry, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see it. Because as […]

2023 Jewelry Trends

2023 Jewelry Trends: Bangles — Stacked, Delicate, or Making a Bold Statement

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back into the spotlight — the BANGLES! No, not the glorious and pioneering girl band (though they’re still ageless and rocking), but rather the ones decorating our wrists. Because while I’ve personally loved a good bangle since my arm/hand dimensions were sufficient to keep them on my wrist — which […]


Your Wedding, Your Vision: Just Say“I Do” to Bloom’s Custom Bridal Jewelry

Bridal season is here! Every year around this time, countless brides-to-be are preparing for their fast-impending nuptials by searching for just the right jewelry to elevate their wedding days that special step further.  Maybe it’s the perfect earrings or necklace to fit that already perfect wedding dress. Maybe it’s some gorgeous pieces in just the […]


Gemstone of the Month: May Birthstone Emerald, Here to Renew, Inspire & Calm

The meaning of Emerald echoes spring’s new beginnings. Learn why the supposed healing properties of May birthstone Emerald bear this out.