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Fall into Our Favorite Neutral This Season: Brown is Back!

Let Bloom help you celebrate the Fall 2022 brown color trend with this gorgeous curation of on-trend but timeless Bloom favorites and features.

Sapphire September Birthstone Handcrafted Jewelry | Bloom Jewelry

Gemstone Feature: September Birthstone Sapphire, Promoting Wisdom, Self-Expression & Peace of Mind

Sapphire, the September birthstone, has a story to tell! Read on to learn more about the history, supposed healing properties, and meaning of Sapphire.

Peridot August Birthstone Handcrafted Jewelry Bloom Jewelry Made in Denver, CO

Gemstone Feature: Peridot August’s Birthstone

FUN FACT: Peridot is legitimately stardust! And, well, earthdust. As related by GIA, beyond being found in lava and deep below the surface of the earth, Peridot is also found in comets and meteorites. MEANING OF PERIDOT: Protection Good Luck Harmony Relationships SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF PERIDOT: Warding off evil spirits, protecting wearers from “terrors […]


Summer Jewelry Spectacular: Starry Summer Skies in Enamel & Diamond!

On-trend Enamel meets Pave Diamonds and Mixed Chains to bring the starry summer night skies to life in Bloom’s latest collection of summer jewelry.