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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Diamond Gift Guide



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Precious Gemstone Necklaces | Bloom Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

Bloom’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Glittering Gift Ideas for the Loved Ones in Your Life

A well-chosen gift brightens anyone’s world. Bloom’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is here with glittering holiday gift ideas for every lucky loved one on your list!

14k Solid Gold Diamond Necklaces with the words Diamond gift guide

Bloom’s Holiday Diamond Gift Guide: Gift-Giving Inspiration That Really Sparkles!

It’s time to start coming up with holiday gift ideas for the “diamonds” of your world. Why not gifts of diamond jewelry? Bloom’s 2022 gift guide is here to help.

Meaning of Citrine: Sunny Optimism, Clarity, and Joy | Bloom

Gemstone of the Month: Sunny Citrine for Optimism, Joy, Clarity, and Abundance

November birthstone Citrine has a powerful positivity all its own. Read on to learn more about the supposed healing properties and meaning of Citrine.


Gemstone Feature: October Birthstone Opal, Bringing Luck, Self-Knowledge, and Creativity

Opal, the traditional October birthstone, is associated with good luck, creativity, and self-knowledge and -realization. Learn more about the meaning of Opal.