Layering Necklaces: Let Bloom Help You Level Up Your Layered Necklace Look!

Layered necklaces were an incredibly hot trend throughout 2020 — you know, the year most of us were stuck inside our own houses. Fortunately, the layered necklace trend isn’t going anywhere. With our world reopening and summer arriving soon, we’re more than ready to let our favorite layering necklaces have their time in the sun. 

Layering necklaces is basically a genius way to wear several of your favorite necklaces at once. It’s also a great way to showcase your unique personality and style, telling a story of who you are, what you love, and what makes you feel beautiful. 

The art of layering necklaces just takes a little practice and a few great necklaces. Here at Bloom, we’re thrilled to be able to help with both! We’ve got tips for layering necklaces, a quick video to show you how it’s done, and a few customer-favorite signature layering necklaces to get you started. (Check out Bloom’s entire collection of layering necklaces.

How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

The trick to layering necklaces? Achieving a balanced mix of chain lengths, metals, designs, and colors — and following a few simple guidelines: 

  • Start by deciding on an outfit. After all, the neckline, color, and style of the outfit you wear will factor into your overall composition. 
  • Give each necklace a little breathing room. This avoids tangles while giving each of your layered necklaces the chance to shine and be seen. A good general rule is to make sure each chain’s length is at least ¾ inch longer or shorter than its pals. Start with a choker and work your way down. Bloom necklaces come with extender chain in the back so you can adjust accordingly at varying lengths. 
  • Wear what you love, but get creative. Try adding pendants, pairing different color and gemstone combinations, and mixing styles of chains. Also try combining different metals and chain weights, like heavy metal chains alongside more delicate styles. 
  • Strive for balance. To get the layered necklace trend right, experimentation is your friend. That said, a tried-and-true approach is to keep the longest necklace simple, the middle one(s) more decorative (i.e., pendants like circles or coins), and the top one(s) more delicate and/or personal. The ultimate goal is a combination that looks harmonious, not chaotic. 
  • Don’t overdo it. Depending on the necklaces you’re working with, you can layer up to five. We most often like combining two to four layered necklaces, as Lindsay shows in the video. 

Indeed, Bloom Founder and Head of Design Lindsay has put together a short layering tutorial video to show you how it’s done. See how she combines four of our signature layering necklaces to create a look that feels balanced, elegant, and at home almost anywhere. If you’d like to re-create Lindsay’s layered necklace look, the four necklaces she is wearing include (from top to bottom)…

The Bloom Curb Signature Layering Necklace is a truly timeless piece you’ll wear again and again (and again). Choose from 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.  

Our Signature Stardust Filigree Necklace features our Signature Stardust and Filigree chain. This piece is a longtime customer favorite for its versatility: you can easily dress it up or down, and the extender chain lets you wear it at varying lengths (from 19 to 20.5 inches). Choose from 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, or Oxidized Silver.

Bloom’s Pearl Filigree Layering Necklace, a beautifully delicate celebration of Hand Wrapped Pearls and Gold Filled Textured Filigree Chain, is another customer favorite. This necklace can also be worn at varying lengths (from 19 to 20 inches).

At 31.75 inches, our Trio Mixed Chain Midi Necklace (shown in 14K Gold Filled) is absolutely ideal as a layering necklace. Wear it at full length, or wrap it to create two layers. 

Choose your layering necklaces to last a lifetime! All of our pieces are backed by Bloom’s Lifetime Guarantee. Life happens, but we’ll be here to help you return your jewelry to its original sparkle. Utterly free of charge, we will refresh, polish, untangle, or repair your beautiful Bloom layering necklaces.


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