Evil Eye Jewelry: The Longest Jewelry Trend Ever Wants to Protect YOU

Long popular in Turkey, Greece, and Israel, the “evil eye” has enjoyed widespread popularity in recent years. Meghan Markle often wears one, and Gigi Hadid designed an entire shoe collection around the image. Here at Bloom, our head designer developed a deeper tie to the evil eye after a very meaningful trip to Greece. In honor and appreciation of all the evil eye represents, Bloom wanted to pair it with turquoise to create the ultimate Traveler’s Collection, symbolizing protection for your journey during this busy summer travel season. 

The idea of the evil eye has some serious staying power. As a 2018 BBC Culture article recounts, the earliest version of the evil eye amulet that’s been discovered traces all the way back to 3,300 BC. Evil eye jewelry: A “trend” lasting more than 5,000 years? At that rate, it probably deserves to be called something a bit more brawny than a “trend.” 

Read on to learn more about why people have worn evil eye jewelry for thousands of years — and why, alongside turquoise, it’s perfect for Bloom’s Traveler’s Collection. 

What Is an Evil Eye? 

Most often, an evil eye is an amulet, bead, or other talisman designed in the shape and image of a bright blue eye. Many believe that wearing evil eye jewelry can protect people from the evil eye curse. Similarly, hanging an evil eye above a doorway, from a tree, in a car, above a crib, or on a baby carriage is thought to serve as protection from the curse. 

Since evil eyes are worn or displayed to help protect people from the evil eye curse, evil eyes are a common gift to give someone you care about. They’re even a traditional baby gift in Turkey. (Though you can totally buy one for yourself, evil eyes are thought to be most powerful when received as gifts.) 

So What Is the Evil Eye Curse?

The evil eye curse — again, generally speaking — is based on the superstitious belief that a curse can be transmitted to someone through a malevolent and often envious look. Often, this look occurs when the person being “given the evil eye” isn’t aware. The basic idea is that someone who’s gained fortune, success, or recognition often unknowingly attracts the envy of the people around them. According to the evil eye legend, that envy can be manifested as an evil eye curse that can take away the fortune, success, or recognition that inspired the envy. 

Why Add Turquoise to Evil Eye Jewelry

Well, there’s no denying that turquoise is gorgeous. So that’s reason enough. But we also have other reasons. First, turquoise is one of the world’s most ancient gems, mined as far back as 5,000 BC. So it’s a great fit for the similarly ancient evil eye. Second, turquoise is commonly thought to promote good fortune, health, and protection from evil. Sound familiar? 

We think you should be allowed to keep all of the success and good fortune you’ve been lucky and/or skillful enough to find. That’s why we love the idea of equipping people with beautiful, distinctive, and fun evil eye jewelry that symbolizes protection from harm, and promotion of health and good fortune. 

Also, we’re all excited to travel again. But many of us are still a little hesitant and shell-shocked. So we thought it’d be worthwhile to create and share something that essentially says, “Hey, you’re not alone out there. People care about you, and they’ve got your back.” 

What Happens If an Evil Eye Breaks?

The evil eye legend also carries the superstition that a broken evil eye has served its purpose. In other words, someone has tried to inflict the evil eye curse on you, but your evil eye has protected you (albeit breaking in the process). 

Why are we calling this out? Well, because any evil eye jewelry bought at Bloom is covered by our lifetime guarantee. Whether your evil eye jewelry breaks because an awful coworker tried to cast a curse on you or simply because you accidentally stepped on it, we’ve got you covered. So does that mean Bloom is offering protection from the evil eye for life? It depends on what you choose to believe, but if you ask any Turkish grandmother… 😉

Welcome to Bloom’s Traveler’s Collection

You can view all the pieces in our Traveler’s Collection here, or check out a few of our favorites below. 

Our Evil Eye Turquoise Rosary Bracelet is your subtle protector along your journey (and has 1” of extender chain to ensure a great fit). Looking for something a little LESS subtle? Construct a brightly colored bracelet stack by mixing in a bit of coral via our Evil Eye & Gemstone Stretch Bracelet.

Your Evil Eye Delicate Necklace just might become a favorite everyday piece, seeing you safely through those day-to-day perils. Choose from turquoise, black, or cobalt blue evil eyes on Gold Filled Chains that sparkle in the sun.

Already have a gorgeous Bloom necklace or bracelet that pairs well with charms? Our Evil Eye Enamel Charms, available in turquoise, black, or cobalt blue, are an easy, goes-with-everything addition to your charm collection. (Visit our Charm Bar for more inspiration or base pieces!) 

Want to create a truly unique piece of evil eye jewelry? Let us know! We offer custom design services, too. Your evil eye vision can become reality! 


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