Turquoise & Gold Handcrafted Jewelry

When most people think of turquoise jewelry, they probably think of turquoise and silver. The many galleries and studios along New Mexico’s famed Turquoise Trail are filled with piece after piece featuring turquoise and silver. And while the Bloom team loves a great turquoise and silver setting, we’ve taken a different approach: Turquoise and gold! 

While the modern world tends to think of turquoise and silver as the classic combo, history reveals that turquoise and gold were the original combination of choice. According to Deborah Schorsch at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), ancient Egyptians actively mined turquoise during the second and third millennia BC. Some evidence points to turquoise mining in Ancient Egypt as far back as 5000 BC! But when turquoise was used as inlays, the most common choice of the Egyptian kings and queens was… gold. Scroll through some of the many examples of turquoise jewelry and other treasures from The Met’s collection (see link above), and you won’t find a single example of turquoise and silver jewelry. It’s all turquoise and gold here!

No, we didn’t choose to pair turquoise and gold via inspiration from Ancient Egypt. Bloom’s reasons for going with the turquoise and gold combo are simpler — and undoubtedly more relevant to your modern life. We love turquoise and gold jewelry because:

  • Turquoise and gold just looks and feels more contemporary — despite its ancient roots! Straying from silver puts a rich new twist on what’s possible for these gorgeous bright-blue stones. For example, Bloom’s turquoise and gold jewelry is easy to layer with today’s trendy gold chains. To us, combining turquoise and gold adds an extra level of genuine shimmer that makes these pieces feel just a little more luxurious. 
  • Turquoise and gold are an absolutely perfect summer combo. Turquoise makes me think of Mexican beaches, mountain lakes, a dip in a cool swimming pool, and exotic birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Gold makes me think of summer sunlight, with the late-afternoon sun streaming into the windows of Bloom’s studio, beckoning us out. 

Ready to try out turquoise and gold as your perfect summer 2021 look? Below are a few of our favorites. And remember, most of Bloom’s gold is gold filled, which means it’ll last you for many, many, many summers.

Our Blue Turquoise Hand Wrapped Ring lets you inject a brilliant pop of summer color into any season of the year! The ring features a gold-edged turquoise gemstone with 14K Gold Filled hand wrapping. 

We can’t help thinking that our striking Turquoise & Pave Diamond Brushed Coin Paperclip Necklace, with its sundial pendant set in gold vermeil, is fit for modern royalty, Egyptian or otherwise (and actual or imagined). Lucky for you, it looks equally at home with a little black dress for evening or a long white flowy sundress for day. Clasp at any link on the chain (up to 20”). 

Our incredibly versatile Turquoise Filigree Layering Necklace is one of our customer favorites. Trends may come and go, but turquoise is certifiably timeless! Wear at varying lengths from 19” to 20”. 

Our Turquoise Single Stardust Drop Earrings are an easy choice for your go-to summer earrings. These go-everywhere earrings, featuring simple turquoise drops haloed by delicate stardust textured hoops, are approximately 1.25” long (with hook included). 

Still craving more turquoise and gold? Every piece in Bloom’s new “Over the Rainbow” collection includes turquoise and gold! 

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