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We can all use a little help, encouragement, and inspiration sometimes. Whatever you believe about the healing properties of gemstones, it’s undeniable: Jewelry empowers us. That’s the motivation behind our Gemstone Feature series. By sharing the stories of some of the gemstones gracing our latest Bloom pieces, we celebrate the countless ways jewelry brings positive energy to our lives.

Over the ages, the quest for true love has frustrated countless searchers. Sometimes, what looks like love turns out to be something else entirely. 

In the heady days of the Gold Rush, many inexperienced miners experienced similar heartbreak when they learned that they had found Pyrite — commonly known as “fool’s gold,” given its metallic golden or silvery-yellow appearance — rather than real gold.  

The truth is that there’s actually a lot to love about Pyrite. Pyrite may not be “real” gold, but it has its advantages. Pyrite is versatile, affordable, and abundant, and its sunny, brassy appearance brings a beautiful burst of warmth and light into any day. It comes in a wide range of earthy, faceted, or carved forms, delivering an ethereal glisten and glow that’s altogether enchanting. It’s also a homegrown gemstone for Colorado-based Bloom Jewelry, since our mountains are home to a generous amount of Pyrite, including these impressive specimens. And we kind of wish we could tell those sad old miners that scientists have since discovered that this “fool’s gold” really does contain a type of gold! 

For all these reasons, Bloom Jewelry has had a ton of fun designing our Pyrite Collection, and we are delighted to show our love for the gorgeous, sunny, good-vibes-only Pyrite in honor of Valentine’s Day. And we want to assure you that — whatever you’re seeking, and whatever results your search yields — even “fool’s gold” yields a special kind of beauty, warmth, and positivity. It may not be what you were expecting, but if you look more closely, it may delight and surprise you. Read on to learn all about the origins, history, and supposed meaning and healing properties of Pyrite. 

What is Pyrite?

Pyrite is a naturally occurring and highly prevalent iron sulfide mineral. According to the International Gem Society, Pyrite is the most abundant of all sulfide minerals. It occurs in numerous crystalline shapes and can be found in nearly all rock types and geological environments. 

Given its widespread availability, versatility, and relatively low cost, Pyrite has been used in jewelry for centuries. And it turns out that there’s nothing at all foolish about loving Pyrite! Nowadays, this supposed “fool’s gold” is a sought-after stone celebrated in its own right. 

What Is the Meaning of Pyrite?

The literal meaning of Pyrite is right in the name: Pyr- is a Greek prefix that means fire or heat. When struck like a flint, Pyrite will emit sparks. According to Brittanica, Pyrite has been found in prehistoric burial mounds, adding credence to the idea that it was historically used as a firestarter. Wikipedia tells us that it was used in the 16th and 17th centuries as a source of ignition in early firearms, it’s used today in some Energizer-brand batteries, and it’s been proposed for use in solar panels!  

Over the years, the meaning of Pyrite has become associated with protection, abundance, prosperity, and passionate, positive energy. Given the purported healing properties of Pyrite, it’s also known in some circles as “healer’s gold.” 

What Are the Healing Properties of Pyrite?

We’ll echo these suggested meanings to explain the supposed healing properties of Pyrite, which include:  

  • Providing protection. Many believe Pyrite helps to shield wearers from negative energy, reducing anxiety and protecting one’s inner strength and sense of well-being. Some think it also helps protect from environmental harms such as pollution and viruses. In Thailand, Pyrite is believed to be a sacred item that can prevent black magic and other evils.
  • Encouraging abundance and prosperity. Pyrite is thought to help wearers release their fears, find their strengths, and tap into their creative potential, thereby building confidence and leadership, increasing focus, and opening up the path to success and wealth.
  • Clearing a path for positive energy. Given Pyrite’s sunny appearance and literal ability to spark fire and spur energy production in batteries and solar panels, its long association with fiery passion and constructive, self-assured, hopeful energy isn’t at all surprising.   

In other words, Pyrite is thought to keep away bad vibes while making way for the good? Sign us up! 

Pyrite Jewelry to Fall in Love With

Creating Pyrite jewelry really has been a ton of fun — definitely all good vibes over here! We’ve designed a wide array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, and more with these delightful stones. You’re welcome to browse Bloom’s entire collection of Pyrite jewelry or check out some of our favorites below.

This incredible Pyrite Charm Bracelet features a sparkling array of various cuts of Pyrite, each hand-picked for quality and finished with Bloom’s signature 14K Gold Filled Hand Wrapping. The antiqued oxidized Sterling Silver chain can be won at varying lengths (5.25” to 7.25”). 

Our Pyrite Antique Rosary XL Necklace brings together a mix of chains to create a truly stunning piece, already perfectly layered. With delicate Pyrite rosary chain, antique silver barrel chain, filigree chain, and curb chain, the 58.5” Pyrite necklace can be worn doubled or tripled. 

We love matching any and all of our Pyrite jewelry with these glorious Pyrite Floating Hoops! Pyrite cut in two different shapes decorate delicate 2”-long hoops in your choice of 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. Feeling a little more bold? Try our Pyrite Mixed Chain Swing Earrings, a real celebration of mixed metals and sparkling Pyrite. 

Our Pyrite Freeform Necklaces honor the more natural forms of the Pyrite stone, such that no two are ever the same. Pyrite is the focal point of these two popular shorter styles; for longer variations, check out our splendid Pyrite Freeform Long Y and Lariat Necklaces.

This incredible Pyrite Triple Strand Mixed Chain Necklace is quite literally three necklaces in one. Courtesy of the double lobster closure, you can wear it a different way each day: All three at once, two at once, or each necklace solo. Why choose between a Pyrite filigree layering necklace, strung Pyrite rondelles, or Pyrite pyramid rosary? Just get them all already!

While we are obviously huge fans of this “fool’s gold,” we’re happy to remind you that most of our gold jewelry also features real gold — 14K Gold Filled, to be precise. Here’s why that’s important for quality, durability, and avoiding allergic reactions to lesser-quality gold. Have questions? Send us a message. 

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