Signature Stardust & Filigree Circle Unity Necklace Handcrafted bloom jewelry

Throughout history, the circle has been an important symbol in mathematics, astronomy, religion, philosophy, and art. The meanings ascribed to circles have been many. Some saw the circle as a symbol of unity and wholeness. Others saw perfection and indivisibility. Yet others focused on circles as symbolizing the infinite nature of time, or the cyclical nature of existence. 

All this to say, a beautiful piece of circle jewelry can mean many things to many people. But as the pandemic has worn on (and on) (and on), we at Bloom Jewelry have started thinking of our circle jewelry in a very specific way. We’ve settled on an amalgam of these many meanings: How about an indivisible togetherness that stands the test of time? As in, a very fancy way to say… a circle of friends?

This quarantine has been incredibly hard on everyone. But here we all still are, and it’s because our circles of friends and family have carried us through. 

The best kind of friendship persists through time, regardless of obstacles. If someone in your circle of friends could use a reminder that the circle is still there, Bloom’s collection of circle jewelry can help you send that message. After all, here in the seeming infinity of COVID World, a message of “indivisible togetherness that stands the test of time” daily feels welcome. 

At Bloom, we’re all about making gifts meaningful. Whether that means choosing just the right gemstone or setting, we’re here to help. In the meantime, below are a few of our favorite pieces of circle jewelry. Every piece is backed by Bloom’s lifetime guarantee, so that the jewelry you’ve chosen to symbolize everlasting friendship can last forever, too. 

Our Signature Skinny Bangles, available in hand wrapped 14k gold filled or sterling silver wrapping, are bound to get a smile. 

These Turquoise Single Stardust Drop Earrings feature simple Turquoise drops on stardust textured hoops. (As a reminder, Turquoise is thought to be a balancing and protecting stone.)

Our Signature Stardust & Filigree Necklace is a fit with almost anyone’s vibe. On top of that, it’s ideal as a layering piece. 

Want to see someone try on your favorite pieces of circle jewelry? Send us a message. We’d be happy to jump on Zoom and model a few pieces. And remember: We make custom jewelry, too! So if you have an idea for a special piece to honor YOUR circle of friends, please feel welcome to let us know. 

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