Rose Gold Collection Release Bloom Jewelry

Springtime means new growth is beginning, just below the surface of the seen. Each year, it brings a rebirth of color, as the dull yellows and grays of winter give way to a slowly emerging collage of colorful flowers, grasses, and other plants shooting through the soil to show themselves anew.

The gently renewing season of spring is the inspiration behind Bloom Jewelry’s new Rose Gold Collection, a smaller collection of some of our bestselling styles interpreted in Rose Gold. While the styles are timeless and seasonless, Rose Gold somehow feels like a sweeter, softer metal — which feels exactly right for a springtime release. 

How Is Rose Gold Made?

Rose Gold has such a special sheen, echoing the blush color of petals and the pink-orange glow of a springtime sunrise. Ever wondered where that unique sheen comes from? 

Rose Gold is actually an alloy made from combining pure Gold with a smaller amount of Copper and a tiny percentage of Silver. Depending on the Copper content, jewelers can create a spectrum that ranges from Pink Gold to Rose Gold to Red Gold (with Red Gold having the highest Copper content). 

What Is the History of Rose Gold?

According to Sotheby’s, Sotheby’s explains that Rose Gold again grew in popularity during the 1920s, given jewelers’ desire to use the metal to soften, feminize, and bring warmth to the settings surrounding the vibrant jewels and jewel tones that were in vogue at the time. They call out that Cartier in particular used Rose Gold in many of its designs. 

Rose Gold Jewelry to Add Warmth to Your Springtime

Here at Bloom Jewelry, we’re absolutely feeling the warm, rosy glow that Rose Gold brings to any piece. That’s why we’re now offering Rose Gold options for popular pieces such as our hoops, paperclip chain layering necklaces, triple wrap leather bracelets, and more. So whether you’re expanding your collection of Bloom customer favorites or just getting started, we think you’ll find something to love in our new Rose Gold Collection. We welcome you to browse Bloom’s entire collection of Rose Gold jewelry or check out a few of our favorites below.

Our Rose Gold Bloom Classic Hoops are a gorgeously glowing take on a long-time classic. Available in both smaller and larger versions, these 24K Rose Gold hoops are bound to become a favorite staple in your day-to-day jewelry wardrobe. (If you prefer, we also have Rose Gold Post Hoops available in the same sizes!)

Looking for another great everyday necklace that’s lovely on its own or as part of a layered necklace look? Our Rose Gold Cylinder Delicate Necklaces absolutely fit the bill. The extra inch of extender chain means it can be worn at varying lengths from 15.5” to 16.5”. Choose between a short Rose Gold cylinder (½ inch) or a long one (1 inch). 

We can’t help feeling that our Rose Gold Filled Paperclip Duo Layering Necklace is a bit of a must-have! With its rosy, in-between sheen, it will pair perfectly with either Silver or traditional Gold pieces. In a duo pattern featuring both of Bloom’s best-selling paperclip chains, you can easily wear it on its own, bedecked with charms, or as a layering piece. 

Feeling a little extra luxurious? Our Pave Diamond Rose Gold Huggies somehow walk the line between delicate and decadent. The fronts of these versatile 24k Rose Gold huggies are set with sparkling Pave Diamonds. They’ll look equally at home over easygoing brunch or fancy cocktails. 

Last but obviously not least, check out our Storm Rose Gold Triple Wrap Bracelet! While our easy-to-put-on and eminently stackable Triple Wrap Bracelets have long been available with Antique Brass or Sterling Silver closures, we’re thrilled to add the Rose Gold option.

Having trouble picking out exactly the right piece of Rose Gold jewelry to add to your collection? We’re happy to set up a studio visit or jump on a Zoom call! We can answer your questions, try on jewelry, and give you ideas for coordinating or layering jewelry. Just send us a message and we’ll set it up!

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