After we posted our blog and video tutorial on how to level up your layered necklace look, several customers reached out asking for MORE blog posts on the same topic. And since we happen to think that layering necklaces is a ton of fun — not to mention a fantastic fit for Bloom’s signature styles! — we are happy to oblige.

In this post, we’ll show you how to layer some of the Bloom favorites you may already have in your collection with some of our new fall-inspired pieces. To keep things fresh, beyond layering necklaces, we’ve also built you a truly splendid stack of bracelets. Finally, to celebrate the upcoming change of season, we’re featuring some lush, on-trend fall colors. After all, who doesn’t love the colors of autumn? The rich golds, reds, rusts, and browns of the fall leaves. The aspen leaves quivering in the wind. The gold-toned landscapes and sunsets that seem to melt into the horizon. So, without further ado…

How to Layer Necklaces and Stack Bracelets: Principles in Practice

As we explained in our last blog, whether you’re layering necklaces or stacking bracelets, it’s fundamentally about striving for balance and the right amount of breathing room. The overall goal is to find a harmonious mix of colors, sizes, textures, and chain and bracelet weights and styles. We also talked about starting with a great base outfit, getting creative with the pieces you love — and not overdoing it. 

But it’s always easier to show rather than tell. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a layered look for fall that shows these principles in practice.

What do you see in this photo? How about that we’ve picked one spectacular statement necklace to work around as a centerpiece? That we’ve balanced the gold tones of the chains with the rich reddish-brown of the Hessonite gemstones? That the rawness of the Citrine pendant serves as a pretty stellar counterpoint to the sophistication of the paperclip and curb chains? That the model’s knockout gold blazer is softened by a soft chambray shirt with a collar that’s just begging for layered necklaces?

How about this photo? What do you see? Do you see how we’ve alternated the weights, widths, colors, and textures of the model’s bracelet stack so that it feels substantial without being overwhelming? That the most delicate bracelets are placed at the wrist, and the wider bracelets are placed further up the arm? That the saffron leather in the channel bracelets echoes the incredible gold of that coat? That the leather and canvas pieces are interspersed among the simpler gold bangles? That we’ve strived to create an overall layered look that’s somehow both timeless and absolutely of-the-moment?

Hey, you’re getting it now! The art of layering necklaces and stacking bracelets isn’t that complicated if you can teach yourself to see the whole picture, and to do some thoughtful editing as you build your look. And to go a level deeper, we’ve included links to each piece below, letting you take a closer look at the different pieces that go into making Bloom’s fall look one for the memory books. 

Bloom’s Layered Look for Fall: How to Layer Necklaces

From top to bottom, here are the four stunning layering necklaces that we’ve used to create Bloom’s layered look for fall

Our Gold Paperclip Duo Layering Necklace is one of Bloom’s signature layering necklaces. Bringing together both of our best-selling paperclip chains, this elegant and versatile 14K Gold necklace can be worn at lengths of up to 19”.

  • Gold-Multi-Paperclip-Layering-Necklace
    Gold Paperclip Duo Layering Necklace

NEW!!! Bloom’s Strung Hessonite Choker capitalizes on the ongoing choker trend to highlight these gorgeous Hessonite rondelle gemstones. While Bloom’s other chokers feature Pave Diamond pendants, we decided to keep this one unadorned, letting the Hessonite speak for itself. 

  • Hessonite Handcrafted Strung Gemstone Choker | Bloom Jewelry
    Hessonite Strung Choker

Bloom’s Curb Signature Layering Necklace, wearable at lengths of up to 16.5”, is another timeless customer favorite. This necklace offers a graceful way to embrace the heavy metal chain trend.

[photo + link]

  • Curb Layering Necklace
    Curb Signature Layering Necklace

NEW!!! Finally, our Raw Citrine Large Paperclip Necklace completes Bloom’s layered necklace look for fall with a truly stunning statement necklace. How can you not fall deeply in love with this Raw Citrine pendant and 14K Gold paperclip chain? Just remember: When it comes to layering necklaces, it’s best to limit yourself to ONE glorious statement necklace against a backdrop of necklaces that have slightly less to say. 

[photo + link needed]

Bloom’s Layered Look for Fall: How to Stack Bracelets

Once again working from top to bottom, we’ve stacked the following bracelets for our layered look…

Our Signature Center Wrapped Hammered Cuff Bangle (3mm wide) is another long-time customer favorite that feels born to be stacked. Sophisticated, simple, and forever stylish. 

  • Signature Hammered Wrapped Cuff Bangle
    Signature Center Wrapped Hammered Cuff Bangle

Feeling “open” to a different style of born-to-stack bangle? Bloom’s Signature Double Wrapped Hammered Cuff Bangle is open cuff, adjustable, and 3mm wide, featuring our signature 14k Gold Hand Wrapping on both ends. 

  • Signature Wrapped Cuff Bangle
    Signature Double Wrapped Hammered Cuff Bangle

NEW!! Our Canvas + Saffron Deerskin Channel Bangle mixes materials for a truly unique look, featuring soft, supple, saffron deerskin leather and braided canvas around a 9.5mm-wide 24k Gold Plated bangle and finished with 14k Gold Filled Hand Wrapping. 

  • Saffron leather and canvas gold channel bangle
    Saffron Leather & Canvas Channel Bangle

Why not add another Bloom customer favorite into your bountiful bracelet mix? Our 2.5”-diameter Signature Skinny Bangle is a subtle, refined addition to your stack, featuring 24k Gold Plating and 14k Gold Filled Hand Wrapping.

  • Skinny Wrapped Signature Bangle
    Signature Skinny Bangle

Our Large Curb Signature Bracelet, on the other hand, is here to offer a bolder style statement. The 14k Gold Filled double curb chain can be clasped on any link up to 8”. 

  • 14k Gold Filled Large Curb Signature Bracelet
    14k Gold Filled Large Curb Signature Bracelet

Bloom’s Signature Bangle is a mini stack within your bracelet stack! We’ve hand wrapped several strands of 14k Gold Filled wire to create a glittering bangle you’ll want to wear every day. 

  • Hand wrapped Signature Bloom Jewelry Bangle
    Signature Bangle

NEW!! Bloom’s 2.5”-diameter Saffron Deerskin Channel Bangle repeats the gorgeous saffron deerskin leather in our other channel bangle of the same width (9.5mm), bringing those golden fall colors to life in two dimensions.

  • Saffron Thick and Thin Leather Channel Bangle | Bloom Jewelry Handcrafted In Denver
    Saffron Leather Channel Bangles

Oh Yes — Did You Want Those Sublime Hoop Earrings, Too?

If you do, we welcome you to complete your look with our Saffron Leather Wrapped Classic Hoops. Though these classy deerskin-leather-wrapped hoop earrings look rather substantial, they’re actually surprisingly lightweight. Choose between two sizes to best fit your style: The large hoop earrings are approximately 2” in diameter, and the smaller ones are approximately 1 ⅜” in diameter.

  • Saffron Large and Medium Classic Hoops | Handcrafted fine jewelry bloom jewelry
    Saffron Leather Wrapped Classic Hoops

Still have questions about how to build YOUR best layered look for fall? We offer Personal Shopper and Stylist services, too! Send us a message at to learn more. 

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