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We can all use a little help, encouragement, and inspiration sometimes. Whatever you believe about the healing properties of gemstones, it’s undeniable: Jewelry empowers us. That’s the motivation behind our Gemstone Feature series. By sharing the stories of some of the gemstones gracing our latest Bloom pieces, we celebrate the countless ways jewelry brings positive energy to our lives.

Birthstones — the practice of associating specific gemstones with specific birth months — are a longstanding tradition, with roots extending as far back as the Old Testament book of Exodus and 5th-century Hinduism. The National Association of Jewelers first standardized a list of American birthstones in 1912, adding new gemstones over the years for the sake of practicality. Nowadays, birthstones mingle traditional options with modern additions, so our Birthstone Guide features a similar mix of old and new. (If you’d like to know about any birthstone alternatives, scroll to the end of each month’s listing.)

The Bloom team loves working with birthstones, because they’re another thoughtful way we can help our customers personalize jewelry. Birthstones can help us use jewelry to tell a story of who we are, where we’ve been, or who we hope to become. With that in mind, welcome to Bloom’s Birthstone Guide — a celebration of the many, many characteristics that go into making each of us the unique, colorful, multi-faceted people we are.

January Birthstone: Garnet

FUN FACT: While most people know the red variety of Garnet, the stone actually comes in a rainbow of colors! Other varieties include green, purple, orange, yellow, blue, and different shades of red and pink.

MEANING OF GARNET: Protection ♦ Vitality ♦ Love ♦ Friendship

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF GARNET: Protecting wearers from harm, promoting vitality and “life force,” and strengthening love, friendship, and intimacy.

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Our Garnet Slice Short Necklace Or Garnet Tear Deli Necklace feature this gorgeous gemstone in two different looks. Choose the Garnet Slice for a more natural, rough-hewn vibe or the faceted Garnet Tear for a more classic look.

ALTERNATIVE JANUARY BIRTHSTONE: NA. Garnet is both the traditional and modern birthstone. 

February Birthstone: Amethyst

FUN FACT: According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Amethyst — which due to its purple coloring has long been associated with wine — was historically believed to prevent drunkenness, keeping wearers clear-headed and quick-witted. 

MEANING OF AMETHYST: Clarity ♦ Inner Strength ♦ Self-empowerment

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF AMETHYST: Promoting mental and spiritual health and clarity, inner strength, self-protection, and self-empowerment. 

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Our Rainbow Bar Delicate Necklace, which features Amethyst as violet in Bloom’s delightful rainbow of gemstones, is a wonderful way to bring the transcendent beauty of rainbows into your everyday. 

ALTERNATIVE FEBRUARY BIRTHSTONE: NA. Amethyst is both the traditional and modern birthstone. 

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

FUN FACT: Aquamarine shares its origins with Emerald, as they’re both varieties of the mineral Beryl. Aquamarine is the greenish-blue to blue variety, and Emerald is the green to bluish-green variety.

MEANING OF AQUAMARINE: Calming ♦ Peaceful ♦ Stress-relieving

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF AQUAMARINE: According to GIA, enhancing happiness in marriage, calming stormy seas, protecting wearers from foes in battle, and enhancing well-being. 

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Our Moss Aquamarine Mixed Chain Long Necklace (approximately 58.5” long) intermixes delicate Moss Aquamarine rosary chain with figaro, filigree, and curb chains — all 14K Gold Filled. Wear it long, or double it for a different look!

ALTERNATIVE MARCH BIRTHSTONE: Bloodstone is the traditional March birthstone. 

April Birthstone: Diamond

FUN FACT: The Hope Diamond could’ve been bigger! According to GIA, the world-renowned Hope Diamond was originally 112 carats before being cut to its present weight of 45.52 carats. 

MEANING OF DIAMOND: Strength ♦ Joy ♦ Creativity

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF DIAMOND: Per the American Gem Society (AGS), increasing inner strength, boosting energy, supporting healthier relationships, and promoting balance, clarity, and abundance. 

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Our Starburst Pave Diamond Studs are the wear-anywhere, goes-with-everything earrings that will rarely sit unworn and unloved in your jewelry box. (Studs are Sterling Silver, of course, making sure those earlobes stay happy and healthy.)

ALTERNATIVE APRIL BIRTHSTONE: Rock Crystal (Quartz) is another traditional birthstone option. 

May Birthstone: Emerald

FUN FACT: Emerald lore included the beliefs that putting an Emerald under your tongue could help you see into the future, and that the stones could act as truth serum, helping you gauge whether a lover’s vows were genuine.

MEANING OF EMERALD: Restoration ♦ Rejuvenation ♦ Well-being ♦ Vision 

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF EMERALD: Inspiring a calming sense of well-being, promoting restoration and rejuvenation, and helping to reveal a vision of the future. 

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: While the Emerald Pave Diamond Tear Halo Gold Filled Paperclip Toggle Necklace has a larger price tag than most of the pieces we’re mentioning, it’s just too striking not to feature! This ~1-inch Emerald is surrounded by Pave Diamonds, creating a versatile statement necklace that’s also an instant classic.

ALTERNATIVE MAY BIRTHSTONE: NA. Emerald is both the traditional and modern birthstone.

June Birthstones: Pearl & Moonstone

FUN FACTS: As related by GIA, famed jewelry designer Pierre Cartier once traded a double strand of natural Pearls for a Fifth Avenue mansion in New York City. In 1970, Florida selected Moonstone as its state gemstone to honor its space heritage as the home of Kennedy Space Center — where Apollo 11 launched for the first-ever lunar landing. 

MEANING OF PEARL: Loyalty ♦ Prosperity ♦ Truth

MEANING OF MOONSTONE: Luck ♦ Strength ♦ Growth ♦ Renewal 

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF PEARL: Bestowing prosperity and longevity, promoting fertility, alleviating health issues, and calming and soothing wearers. 

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF MOONSTONE: Calming the emotions, reducing anxiety, and promoting good luck, inner vision, fertility, abundance, renewal, and women’s health. 

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITES: This adorable Pearl & 14K Gold Filled Paperclip Anklet, sure to be a staple in any summer jewelry wardrobe, can be clasped at various lengths from 8”-10”.

If you love the look of the Emerald and Pave Diamond statement necklace above but want a more accessible price point, check out our White Moonstone Precious Metal Four Strand Toggle Necklace. With Bloom’s signature toggle design, this incredible necklace can be worn long or short.

ALTERNATIVE JUNE BIRTHSTONE: Aside from Moonstone, Alexandrite is another modern June birthstone. Pearl is the historical June birthstone.

July Birthstone: Ruby

FUN FACT: In 1989, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, jewelry designer Harry Winston spent months creating a pair of real ruby slippers set with 4,600 Rubies — at $3M, effectively the most expensive shoes in the world. (The original shoes were made with red sequins.)

MEANING OF RUBY: Happiness ♦ Passion ♦ Success

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF RUBY: Promoting vitality, health, wellness, success, and peaceful living, and shielding wearers and their wealth from enemies, negative energy, or other perils.

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: These truly lovely 14k Gold Filled Ruby Bridge Linear Hoops feature rows of floating Ruby rondelles on hoops that measure approximately 2 ⅝”. Also available in Sterling Silver. 

ALTERNATIVE JULY BIRTHSTONE: NA. Ruby is both the traditional and modern birthstone. 

August Birthstone: Peridot

FUN FACT: Peridot is legitimately stardust! And, well, earthdust. As related by GIA, beyond being found in lava and deep below the surface of the earth, Peridot is also found in comets and meteorites.

MEANING OF PERIDOT: Protection ♦ Good Luck ♦ Harmony ♦ Relationships

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF PERIDOT: Warding off evil spirits, protecting wearers from “terrors of the night,” restoring balance and harmony, and aiding in the success of relationships. 

VIEW MORE: This is the first time we’ve featured Peridot, but you can view all of our Peridot jewelry here. 

BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: These Peridot Stardust Gold Drop Earrings are sure to leave your (or your loved one’s) earlobes feeling well-loved! These red Garnet teardrops, available in 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver, are complemented with Bloom signature hand-wrapping.

ALTERNATIVE AUGUST BIRTHSTONES: Sardonyx is the traditional August birthstone. Aside from modern August birthstone Peridot, Spinel is another modern choice. 

September Birthstone: Sapphire 

FUN FACT: A Sapphire may rank as the most famous engagement ring in history. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a Sapphire engagement ring. Their son, Prince William, ultimately gave the ring to Princess Kate for their engagement. 

MEANING OF SAPPHIRE: Peace of Mind ♦ Wisdom

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF SAPPHIRE: Promoting mental focus and discipline, peace of mind, and self-protection; balancing emotions; releasing unwanted thoughts; and supporting effective self-expression.

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: With three varied sections of blue gemstones featuring Sapphires, our Sapphire Rondelle Thin Leather Triple Wrap Magnetic Clasp Bracelet is a great choice to showcase this long-time Bloom classic. Available in three sizes, several leather choices, and with your choice of 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver hand wrapping and magnetic cuff clasp.

ALTERNATIVE SEPTEMBER BIRTHSTONE: NA. Sapphire is both the traditional and modern birthstone. 

October Birthstone: Opal

FUN FACT: As GIA explains, Opals were historically believed to have supernatural origins — falling from the heavens in flashes of lightning — and powers, including guarding from disease and giving the ability to prophesy.

MEANING OF OPAL: Self-knowledge ♦ Creativity ♦ Freedom ♦ Good Luck

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF OPAL: Bringing wearers good luck, surfacing emotions and self-knowledge, and encouraging creativity, spontaneity, freedom, and the ability to achieve one’s potential.

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BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: This amazing 14k Gold Filled Opal Precious Metal TL Mixed Chain Long Necklace is actually an old favorite with a new twist — Opals! Wear it long or doubled up. 

ALTERNATIVE OCTOBER BIRTHSTONE: Pink Tourmaline is the modern August birthstone. Opal is the traditional birthstone.

November Birthstone: Citrine

FUN FACT: Nowadays, naturally occurring Citrine is quite rare. As GIA explains, most modern Citrine is made by treating Amethyst Quartz with heat. 

MEANING OF CITRINE: Optimism ♦ Warmth ♦ Clarity

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF CITRINE: According to AGS, aiding in better hearing and promoting “success, abundance, and clear thinking.” Other sources extol Citrine as promoting optimism, motivation, and sociability.

VIEW MORE: We haven’t yet given Citrine its own blog feature, but you can view all of our Citrine jewelry here

BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Our Citrine Multi Drop Short Necklace features two different sizes of unique faceted diamond-cut Citrine stones. It’s a statement necklace any November baby will love!

ALTERNATIVE NOVEMBER BIRTHSTONES: Topaz is the historical November birthstone. (Citrine and Golden Topaz are the modern birthstones.)

December Birthstones: Tanzanite & Turquoise

FUN FACTS: Tanzanite is only found in one place worldwide — in Tanzania, on a few square miles of land near Mt. Kilimanjaro. Turquoise is one of the world’s very oldest gemstones, documented in ancient Egypt as early as 4,000 BC. 

MEANING OF TANZANITE: Intuition ♦ Transformation ♦ Strength 

MEANING OF TURQUOISE: Health ♦ Good Fortune ♦ Protection

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF TANZANITE: According to AGS, developing intuition, supporting transformation, strengthening the immune system, and helping with emotional issues like fear and stress. 

SUPPOSED HEALING PROPERTIES OF TURQUOISE: According to GIA, guaranteeing “health, good fortune, and protection from evil.”  

VIEW MORE: For more about Tanzanite, see our blog announcing our Very Peri collection. To learn more about the history of Turquoise, check out our blog feature on Turquoise and Gold. View all of our Tanzanite jewelry here, and our Turquoise jewelry here

BLOOM CUSTOMER FAVORITES: Bloom’s Tanzanite & 14k Gold Filled Filigree Layering Necklace will make an absolutely perfect addition to your collection. Lovely on its own or layered with other necklaces, it features Tanzanite gemstones hand wrapped to 14k Gold Filled textured filigree chain. 

We pretty much couldn’t love this Turquoise & Pave Diamond Brushed Gold & Oxidized Silver Coin Paperclip Necklace any more than we do. The ¾” Turquoise sundial pendant, set in Gold Vermeil, is a true stunner. 

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