April Birthstone Bloom's Diamond Guide

Many people associate the meaning of Diamonds, the April birthstone, with marriage and eternal love. Beyond the Diamonds adorning their engagement or wedding rings, however, these same people may think of Diamonds primarily as special-occasion wear. At Bloom, we’ve got a much more expansive vision of what Diamonds mean and where they fit into our lives. Because while you’ll often catch us shining with Diamonds on a special night out, we also believe that Diamonds are for everyone and everyday!

In celebration of the rightly famed and acclaimed April birthstone, Bloom Jewelry’s Diamond Guide is here to help you embrace Diamonds for all the different moments of your life. Diamonds really do come in all shapes, sizes, and settings, making them far more versatile than you may think. Plus, Diamonds are among our world’s hardest known natural materials. In other words, they’re crazy-durable, which means you really don’t have to put them on a pedestal (and anyway, all Bloom jewelry is guaranteed for life). After all, according to the American Gem Society (AGS), the word Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning “invincible.” AGS also relates that Diamonds are “thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength.” 

So shine on, you crazy Diamond! And give yourself or a loved one the opportunity to bring Diamonds into more of the moments that make up your world. Our Diamond Guide, which highlights several delightfully Diamond-encrusted Bloom collections, offers some seriously sparkling inspiration.

Delicate Diamonds: Quietly Effervescent

Diamonds don’t have to be ostentatious or showy. While there will always be room in our world for those monster-carat Diamonds, here at Bloom, we LOVE a delicate diamond. These Diamonds’ smaller sizes make them more affordable, as well as vastly more wearable in an everyday sense. View Bloom’s Delicate Diamond Collection here.

Bloom Favorite: Our Pave Diamond Delicate Necklaces come in a range of subtle shapes, including hexagon, leaf, dagger, cushion cut, and oval, and can be finished with either 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chains, findings, and hand wrapping. 

Green Diamonds: Mother Nature’s Finest

Rare, unusual, and exquisite Green Diamonds are a celebration of Diamonds in their most natural form. We absolutely love designing with these truly one-of-a-kind stones, and launched our Green Diamond Collection in honor of Earth Day in 2021. Green Diamonds make a fantastic  alternative to Emeralds. View the Green Diamond Collection here

Bloom Favorite: Our Raw Green Diamond Thin Leather Triple Wrap Magnetic Clasp Bracelet puts the green-diamond spin on a longtime Bloom classic. The easy-to-put-on bracelet (available in three sizes and a range of leather colors), features three varied sections of these alluring Green Diamonds. 

Diamond Slices: Embracing “Imperfections” as Enchanting

Diamond Slice jewelry celebrates the naturally occurring beauty of rough Diamond stones, showcasing rather than hiding their interesting and decorative inclusions. Diamond Slices are made by laser-slicing the large, rough stones into two- to three-millimeter-thick slabs that are then polished and faceted. Our Diamond Slice Collection gives these stones the opportunity to show their gorgeous stuff. 

Bloom Favorite: While there’s no denying that our Diamond Slice U Delicate Necklace is a genuine stunner, it’s easily dressed up or down. We also love it layered! The 1.5” of extender chain makes it simple to set it at just the right length. 

Baguette & Rose Cut Diamonds: Delivering the Dazzle

When you’re ready to show off some serious Diamond luster, however, it may be time for elegant Baguette and Rose Cut Diamonds. From stunning coins, bars, and wheels to more freeform pieces, these cuts really up the glamor-and-glitz quotient. View our entire Baguette & Rose Cut Diamond Collection here. 

Bloom Favorite: Our Baguette & Pave Diamond Bar Earrings, available in two different lengths, feature two bars of delectable Baguette Diamonds lined with Pave Diamonds. A modern twist on old-school allure, these earrings dare you not to feel like the radiantly shining star you are. 

Gold Diamonds: Go for the Glamor and Gold

Gold and Diamonds make for a truly complementary couple, sharing the spotlight with genuine grace. Sometimes, going for the gold can really bring out the best in a setting of Diamonds. View our truly luminous Gold Diamond Collection here. 

Bloom Favorite: Our Rose Cut Diamond Round Gold Disc Delicate Necklace, featuring a Rose Cut Diamond set in Gold Vermeil on a 14K Gold Filled chain, is a go-everywhere, go-with anything necklace that’s equally at home with your going-out best… or your best pair of jeans. Great on its own or layered.

Diamond Studs & Huggies: A Perfect Finish

Bloom offers Diamond stud and huggie earrings aplenty, available in an incredible range of styles and settings! Some settings let the Diamonds stand alone; in others, we’ve paired them with Pearl, Kyanite, Star Sapphire, and more. View our Diamond Studs & Huggies here.

Bloom Favorite: Our Starburst Pave Diamond Studs, set in Sterling Silver, are that favorite pair of earrings you’ll keep coming back to. While the Pave Diamonds keep them affordable, the starburst setting keeps them… adorable!

Diamond Best Sellers: Bloom Customer Favorites!

Curious about the Diamonds that other Bloom Customers are buying and loving? Check out our Diamond best sellers, offering a resplendent array of Bloom customer favorites. View all of Bloom Jewelry’s Diamond Best Sellers here. 

Bloom Favorite: Our Green Diamond Filigree Layering Necklace is a practically perfect layering necklace in every way. This timeless, textured piece pairs raw Green Diamonds with a 14K Gold Filled filigree chain. It can be worn at varying lengths (from 17 ½ to 18 ⅝ inches). 

Still craving more Diamond info and ideas? Learn more about the history of Diamonds — as well as how/why Bloom is committed to offering Diamonds at any price point — in the blog. And send us a message with any questions you may have! 

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