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We can all use a little help, encouragement, and inspiration sometimes. Whatever you believe about the healing properties of gemstones, it’s undeniable: Jewelry empowers us. That’s the motivation behind our Gemstone Feature series. By sharing the stories of some of the gemstones gracing our latest Bloom pieces, we celebrate the countless ways jewelry brings positive energy to our lives.

 In honor of Emerald, the May birthstone, which evokes the rich, vibrant greens of springtime that annually emerge as winter gives way to fresh growth and new beginnings. For us, each deep green Emerald seems a forest or garden all its own, and this collection represents a fresh new start for spring. But as it turns out, Emeralds have long been associated with nature, renewal, calm, and well-being.

What is Emerald?

As the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) explains, Emerald is a bluish-green to green variety of the mineral Beryl. The precious gemstone is colored by trace amounts of Chromium and Vanadium. The oldest-known Emeralds are approximately 2.97 billion years old!

What Is the Meaning of Emerald?

According to GIA, the word Emerald comes from the ancient Greek word describing a green gem, smaragdos. And while we’d forgive you for not seeing an immediate link (smaragdos → Emerald?), the meaning of Emerald really is all about green. Lush green Ireland is the Emerald Isle. In our world, verdant Seattle is the Emerald City; in Dorothy’s world, magical, green-glowing Oz was the Emerald City. Inclusions within Emeralds are known by jewelers as jardins — gardens in Spanish. By extension, the meaning of Emerald has become associated with vitality, growth, rebirth, new beginnings, and creativity. 

Green is thought to be among the world’s most calming colors, so it’s not surprising that the meaning of Emerald has also come to be associated with calm. GIA shares that ancient Roman scholars believed Emeralds could relieve “weariness and lassitude” — a belief borne out by science, which has shown that the color green DOES relieve stress and eye strain. 

What Are the Healing Properties of Emerald?

The supposed healing properties of Emerald are closely related to the meanings suggested above. Specifically, Emerald has long been revered as a gemstone thought to:

  • Inspire a calming sense of well-being. Ah, the calming power of green! Emeralds are purported to soothe the emotions and promote balance, harmony, and understanding. Breathe in, breathe out, and take a step forward. 
  • Promote restoration and rejuvenation. The Emerald — an embodiment of lush, ever-renewing nature — is thought to support in restoring body and mind, cultivating creativity, and promoting healing. 
  • Help to reveal a vision of the future. According to GIA, Emeralds were historically thought to have magical powers: “By placing it under the tongue, one could see into the future.” While we do not recommend this practice in the least, we DO believe that gazing upon a gorgeous Emerald could have the power to inspire positive visions of renewal and rebirth. 

Now in Bloom: Emerald Jewelry

Bloom Jewelry’s Emerald Collection is here to help you remember that springtime feeling all year round. See all of our gorgeous pieces of Emerald jewelry here, or check out a few of our favorites below.

Our Emerald & Gold Paperclip Bracelet (pictured) brings together 14K Gold Filled Emerald rosary chain with Bloom-favorite paperclip chain to create your new favorite addition to your bracelet stack! Make a complete set with our Emerald & Large Gold Paperclip Layering Necklace

Looking for an Emerald that’s a real stunner? Look no further than our Emerald Pave Diamond Tear Halo Gold Filled Paperclip Toggle Necklace (pictured). The 18.5” Gold Filled necklace features a striking ~1” faceted Emerald — truly a forest all its own! — surrounded by a halo of Pave Diamonds set in oxidized Sterling Silver. Amazing by itself or layered. If you’re really loving that Emerald-and-Diamond luxuriousness, complete the look with our Emerald & Pave Diamond Halo Round Studs

If you’re feeling a little more delicate — and aren’t we all sometimes? — check out our Emerald Stardust Gold Drop Earrings. These delicate Stardust earrings featured Bloom’s signature hand wrapping atop beautiful faceted Emerald teardrops. 

Last but positively not least, our Emerald & 14K Gold Filled Filigree Layering Necklace (pictured) will make a fantastic addition to your collection. This Bloom customer favorite layering necklace, which can be worn from 17” to 18”, features a series of delicate Emerald gemstones hand wrapped to the filigree chain. It’s also a great match with our Emerald Bridge Linear Hoops

Need help deciding which piece of Emerald jewelry is the right one to add to your collection? Let us know! We’re happy to jump on a Zoom and model some pieces for you. Just send us a message!

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