Valentine's Day Handcrafted Diamond Slice Jewelry

No matter who you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day, Bloom has you covered. In our next few blogs, we’ll share some of our very best Valentine’s Day gift ideas — like our delicate, utterly unique Diamond Slice jewelry.

How much do you know about Diamond Slices? While Diamond Slices have been growing in popularity among jewelry designers in recent years, the concept is still new to many. 

So what is a Diamond Slice? How is it made? And why are jewelry designers embracing Diamond Slice jewelry?

What Is a Diamond Slice? 

As the Gemological Institute of America outlines, to create Diamond Slices, the large, rough stones are laser-sliced into slabs of irregular shape, usually two or three millimeters thick. Manufacturers then apply shallow facets to one side and polish the other side flat. 

The slicing and finishing process showcases the Diamonds’ inclusions. The more decorative and interesting the inclusions, the higher the value of the Diamond Slice. 

Why Are Diamond Slices Growing in Popularity? 

Diamond Slice jewelry celebrates the naturally occurring,“imperfect” beauty of the rough stones. Each Diamond Slice is unique in its appearance, with a character all its own. Depending on the size, coloration, and patterns of their inclusions, Diamond Slices often feel as if they have a story to tell. While you’ll never catch us maligning traditional Diamonds, we love how Diamond Slices offer an accessible, engaging, and intriguing new spin on a classic stone. 

Traditionally cut and polished Diamonds have long been lauded for their clarity and apparent perfection. But the truth is that even Diamonds possess hidden secrets. While some Diamond inclusions can reduce a rough stone’s value, Diamond Slices give us a gorgeous way to embrace highly included rough stones. 

For us, there’s a bit of a philosophical underpinning to working with Diamond Slices. After all, nothing in life is truly perfect. So why not celebrate what’s special and beautiful about supposed imperfections? Anyway, aren’t we all just diamonds in the rough? 

What Does Diamond Slice Jewelry Look Like?

Diamond Slice jewelry can come in countless shapes and styles. Bloom’s collection of Diamond Slice jewelry, our ode to these utterly enchanting stones, can give you an idea of the possibilities. Below are a few of our favorite pieces of Diamond Slice jewelry (part of Bloom’s Diamond Collection). 

Five Diamond Slices connect in a unique “U” shape in our Diamond Slice U Delicate Necklace. We love how the shape lets us showcase a range of exquisite inclusions on each necklace. Take your pick among (1) gold filled, (2) oxidized silver and gold filled, or (3) oxidized silver and sterling silver. 

By featuring both Diamond Slice and Tear Diamond pendants, our Diamond Charm Figaro Necklace allow us to highlight the beauty of each Diamond form side by side. The delicate but attention-getting figaro chain serves as an ideal accent.  

If you’d like to add a Diamond Slice to your collection but seek a lower price point, consider our Diamond Slice Delicate Necklace. Accented with hand wrapping, the necklace is available in gold filled, sterling silver, or oxidized silver and gold filled. 

This Valentine’s Day, Diamond Slices are a wonderful way for you to honor what makes your loved one special and one-of-a-kind. Tell the story of your love or admiration by presenting a Diamond Slice … that has its own story to tell.

Still have questions about Diamond Slices? Want to see them closer up, or have us try on certain pieces? Send us a message. We’re happy to set up a time to answer your questions and, if you like, model these unique stones for you via photos or video. We’ll take any excuse to wear Diamonds


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