Diamond Collection

Diamond jewelry feels luxurious, exclusive, and exquisite. Wearing a special diamond necklace or a unique pair of rose cut diamond earrings can make you feel the same way. 

When most people think of diamonds, they immediately think… “expensive.” They certainly can be. Diamonds have been in high demand for almost 2,000 years. But the truth is that, nowadays, diamonds are more attainable than you may think. Let us explain. 

A Short and Illuminating History of Diamonds

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), diamonds were lauded for their unmatched value as far back as the first century AD. India began to trade highly valued diamonds as early as the fourth century AD. By the 1400s, diamonds had already become the must-have accessories for the European elite. Starting in the 1800s, diamond miners and producers De Beers had a near monopoly on the world’s diamond supply, further inflating the perceived value of diamonds.   

Throughout time, the value of diamonds has been driven primarily by supply and demand. Lucky for you, the past several decades have included not only the discovery of vastly more diamond sources, but also an immense increase in our knowledge about them — making diamonds easier to find. 

Why the diamond history lesson? Because we want to make it as clear as… a diamond: DIAMONDS ARE WITHIN YOUR REACH. And they make for fantastic gift ideas in 2020, a year that could certainly benefit from a little sparkle. 

Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas 2020 

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for others or simply a gift for yourself, gorgeous diamond jewelry is more attainable than you think.

At Bloom, we want the exquisite feel of wearing diamond jewelry to be within everyone’s reach. That’s why Bloom created a demi-fine line of diamond jewelry with many offerings between $99 and $399. We specialize in rose cut, pave, and baguette diamonds, setting and finishing them in sterling silver and 14k gold filled. This keeps the quality high and the price points low. 

The best way to make our case for beautiful, attainable diamond jewelry at any price point? Well, the jewelry itself! Some gift ideas for 2020…

For your best friend’s birthday, how about a sparkling pair of Mini Round Pave Diamond Studs? 

This holiday season, what about surprising your sister with one of our distinctive Pave Diamond Delicate Necklaces? 

Maybe your mom would swoon for our truly exceptional Rose Cut Diamond Coin Paperclip Necklace?

For even more diamond jewelry gift ideas, check out our Pave Diamonds product page. We’re also happy to help you envision a totally unique piece of custom diamond jewelry.

The Bloom Jewelry Lifetime Guarantee

Whatever their price point, we know your diamonds will be treasured for life. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our pieces, so you can rest assured of lasting quality and life-long customer service. Life happens, but no matter what, we’re here to repair, refresh, or polish your diamond jewelry from Bloom Jewelry. Just reach out to sales@jewelrybybloom.com to get the process started. 

Have questions about our Diamond Collection? Send us a message! Better yet, schedule a chat with one of our Personal Shoppers & Stylists to help you pick out just the right pieces.


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