Mother Nature’s Finest: Rare, Exquisite Green Diamonds | Bloom

Rare, unusual, and absolutely alluring, Green Diamonds are an intriguing new limited-release addition to our collection. Green Diamonds are growing quickly in popularity, and it’s not surprising. Their unexpected beauty is undeniable, and their natural greenish hues offer a unique alternative to Emeralds. 

In honor of Earth Day and in celebration of Diamonds, the April birthstone, we invite you to check out our brand-new collection featuring these gorgeous Green Diamonds. Our pieces embrace these one-of-a-kind stones in their most natural form. Why not give a loved one the genuinely unique gift of Green Diamonds, or be the first among your friends to call a Green Diamond your own? (But don’t wait too long, as stock is limited!)

Behind The Design: Watch Lindsay Bloom Backman, Founder & Head of Design, talk about the inspiration behind our rare green diamond collection.

If you want to learn about the science behind Green Diamonds, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers a comprehensive look at the different types and causes of Green Diamonds. Here at Bloom, we’re mostly just happy to behold their mysterious, enigmatic, Earth-created beauty, and excited to help bring them to life. We truly believe that these Green Diamonds are among Mother Nature’s finest creations. 


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