Mothers. None of us would be here without them. That’s why Mother’s Day — which falls on Sunday, May 8, this year — gives us the annual opportunity to celebrate motherhood in all its forms. Whether that means celebrating your own mom, some great moms you know, or even yourself, we’re here with some thoughtful, delightful, and beautiful Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2022. 

#1 NEW — Emeralds: May’s Birthstone Makes Moms Merrier

The revered Emerald, the birthstone for May, evokes the rejuvenating green of springtime. In fact, Emeralds have long been thought to be restorative: The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) relates that ancient Roman scholars believed Emeralds could relieve “weariness and lassitude” — a belief borne out by science, which has shown that the color green DOES relieve stress and eye strain. Doesn’t everyone know a mom or two who could benefit from some help restoring their energy or spirits? Cue Bloom’s brand-new Emerald Collection! We think our Emerald & Gold Paperclip Bracelet makes a perfect day-to-day talisman to remind mom of the rejuvenating power of green. 

Emerald Handcrafted Jewelry Made in Denver Bloom Jewelry

#2 Diamonds… Are a MOM’s Best Friend, Too!

Diamonds really are forever, and a girl’s best friend, and all the other sayings you’ve heard over the years. But Diamonds are also a mom’s best friend, letting her know that her efforts are both seen and appreciated — and giving her a reassuring focal point for those moments of her day that maybe didn’t go exactly to plan. Bloom’s 2022 Diamond Guide is designed to help everyone find their perfect Diamonds, whatever their desired look or price point. The Bloom customer favorite Pave Diamond Branch Delicate Necklace makes a graceful addition to any mom’s jewelry collection.

Bloom Jewelry Diamond Handcrafted Jewelry

#3 NEW — Pearls: Mother of Pearl for the Pearls of All Mothers

Pearls, the June birthstone, are organic gems that grow inside the tissues of living mollusks. As GIA explains, Pearls were thought by the ancients to bestow long life and prosperity. Why not share some prosperous Pearls with a favorite mom in your life? View our entire Pearl Collection (which now includes several new additions!), or consider our elegant-for-everyday Pearl Bridge Linear Hoops, available in either 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.

Pearl Handcrafted Jewelry Made in Denver, CO

#4 NEW — Featured Layering Set: Green Diamond

Everyone loves a layered look, and moms are no exception! Bloom’s carefully curated layering sets help take the guesswork out of combining just the right pieces into a wonderfully put-together look. The Green Diamond Layering Set shown here — a staff favorite! — offers inspiration for a layered look centered around the uniquely rough-hewn yet elegant beauty of Green Diamonds. 

#5 Rose Gold Jewelry: Give a Rose Whose Beauty Never Fades

Sure, most moms would appreciate receiving an elegant bouquet of roses. But wouldn’t most moms also prefer a type of rose that remains forever in bloom? Consider giving Rose Gold! View our entire collection of Rose Gold jewelry, or check out our Rose Gold Cylinder Delicate Necklaces. A Rose Gold cylinder floats freely on a delicate Rose Gold chain, making for a lovely rose that will absolutely withstand the ages. 

Rose Gold Collection Handcrafted Jewelry in Denver, CO

#6 NEW — Tanzanite + Blue Chalcedony: Mom’s Portable Seaside Escape

Rare, ethereal, calming Blue Chalcedony is a perfect pairing with the remarkable blue-violet tones of even rarer Tanzanite. These two gorgeous stones are the inspiration behind Bloom’s new Very Peri Collection. Bloom’s head designer Lindsay Backman Bloom has always loved designing with blue stones, since they remind her of the vibrant blue of her best-loved beach destinations. Welcome a favorite mom to thoughts of her favorite seaside getaway with Tanzanite or Blue Chalcedony jewelry such as our Blue Chalcedony Precious Metal Double Strand Toggle Necklace.  

Tanzanite Blue Chalcedony Handcrafted Fine Jewelry Made in Denver, CO

#7 NEW — Evil Eye Jewelry: Guarding & Guiding Mom’s Journey

As we shared in our blog, evil eye jewelry has long been thought to protect wearers from the covetous gazes of those who envy their good fortune. And while nobody envies mom’s crazy-busy schedule or overlong To Do lists, doesn’t she deserve a watchful eye to look out for the rest of her world? Bloom has created a range of new evil-eye-inspired pieces for 2022 featuring new colors, chain and bead styles, and pendants. View the expanded Evil Eye Collection and take a gander at these adorable new Evil Eye Enamel & Gemstone Figaro Necklace. Choose your favorite combination of 14K Gold Filled chain style and pendant color, and let a favorite mom know you’ve ALWAYS got her back. 

Evil Eye Handcrafted Fine Jewelry Bloom Jewelry Made in USA

Moms Love Jewelry With a Lifetime Guarantee!

When you give someone a piece from Bloom Jewelry, you can rest assured that it’s a gift that will last. We offer a complimentary lifetime guarantee on everything we make, so you can rest assured of lasting quality and life-long customer service. Life happens, but no matter what, we’re here to repair, refresh, or polish every cherished Bloom piece. Just reach out to get started. 

Still need help finding exactly the right gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Send us a message or schedule a chat with one of our Personal Shoppers & Stylists. We’d love to help you find the perfect piece.

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