Make your gifts meaning - handcrafted jewelry with healing stones

The best gifts are meaningful gifts — gifts that express, “I see you, I know you, and I appreciate you.” 

A gift of jewelry has always had “I appreciate you” well-covered. “I see you” and “I know you” can be harder to convey. That’s why, when we’re helping clients develop custom jewelry pieces, we’ll often talk about gemstones. With their colorful histories and meanings, gemstones make great storytellers. They can help you say, “I understand what you’ve been going through, and I believe in your power to overcome it.” 

I have one friend who has used gemstones to give meaningful gifts to family members struggling with cancer. In her struggle to find the right things to say, she lets gifts of healing gemstones say it for her. (She includes notes in the packages detailing each gemstone’s purported healing properties.) 

I love how choosing just the right gemstone can help me personalize a gift. I’m not only considering the wearer’s style, but also who they are as a person, and the experiences that make their lives unique. 

Which gemstones are right for the people in your life? What are the healing stones they need right now? We invite you to explore our Gift Guide, which offers brief overviews of different stones to help you make your gifts even more meaningful. Read on to learn about the meanings and purported healing properties of Ruby, Kyanite, Sapphire, Turquoise, Labradorite, and Pearl, which are among the healing stones WE need right now.

Ruby Jewelry - Handcrafted in the USA - Bloom Jewelry

Meaning and Healing Properties of Ruby

The healing properties of Ruby are thought to include the ability to calm angry emotions, increase happiness, and encourage devotion. The meaning of Ruby is also thought to symbolize passion, health, wealth, and success. Thus, a gift of Ruby can be wonderful for someone looking for luck in all of these areas. 


Kyanite Jewelry - Handcrafted meaning jewlerry

Meaning and Healing Properties of Kyanite

Kyanite healing properties are focused on bringing balance, calm, and harmony to both body and mind. That’s why Kyanite can make great gifts for people seeking to break through fears, combat and clear negative energy, and restore inner balance. (Learn more about the supposed healing properties of Kyanite.


Sapphire Jewelry - Handcrafted in the USA - Bloom Jewelry

Meaning and Healing Properties of Sapphire

The meaning and healing properties of Sapphire are focused on mental discipline, peace of mind, and self-protection. If you know someone who’s been dealing with a great deal of stress, anguish, and confusion, a gift of Sapphire can help you express not only your desire to see them through tough times, but also your confidence that they already possess the inner strength and wisdom to find their way through. (Learn more about the supposed healing properties of Sapphire.


Turquoise Jewelry - Handcrafted meaning jewelry

Meaning and Healing Properties of Turquoise

The healing properties of Turquoise are thought to include balancing and protecting. One of the world’s most ancient gems, Turquoise — according to the Gemological Institute of America — has long been considered “a stone that guarantees health, good fortune, and protection from evil.” The December birthstone is often given to travelers to keep them safe on long journeys. 


Labradorite Jewelry - Handcrafted in the USA - Bloom Jewelry

Meaning and Healing Properties of Labradorite

This stone’s enchanting rainbow-like appearance hints at the supposed meaning and healing properties of Labradorite. Thought to support wearers in finding their paths and exploring a higher consciousness, the “stone of magic” is considered a protector stone that is able to help wearers tap into intuition while clearing and balancing their energies. If you know someone struggling to find the right path forward, a gift of Labradorite can be a perfect inspiration. 


Pearl Jewelry - Handcrafted in the USA - Bloom Jewelry

Meaning and Healing Properties of Pearl

The meaning and healing properties of Pearl seem to echo its pure, unblemished appearance. According to the American Gem Society, Pearl is thought to “aid purity, charity, integrity, truth, and loyalty in its wearer.” (Hmmm — if only we could give Pearls to every government worker worldwide…) The June birthstone is also thought to bestow long life and prosperity. 


Need help picking out exactly the right gifts of healing gemstones for the people in your life? Send us a message or schedule a chat with one of our Personal Shoppers & Stylists. We’d love to help you find the perfect piece. We also offer custom design services!


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