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Obviously, my team and I love jewelry. That’s a baseline for building and sustaining a jewelry business. But what inspires me most is how jewelry can make people FEEL.

Jewelry can lift your mood and change your attitude. It can make you feel powerful, pretty, or polished. When I put on a favorite necklace or pair of earrings, I am uplifted. I feel readier for the world. The sparkle and shine of the jewelry I wear is a small but important barrier against a 2020 reality that doesn’t exactly invite sparkling and shining. 

All this to say, there’s a very good reason jewelry has long been considered a great gift. A gift of jewelry has the power to uplift. Receiving a gift of jewelry can #MakeSomeoneHappy in a very real way, no matter what’s happening in their lives.

How will you #MakeSomeoneHappy for the holidays or in celebration of a special day? Bloom Jewelry’s 2020 Gift Guide is here with a few ideas. Ranging from $44 to $150, our curated list of more than 100 great gift ideas for 2020 offers something for everyone at a range of attainable price points. Bring on the sparkle and shine!

Great Gift Ideas Under $150

For our full list of 100+ great gift ideas for under $150, check out this link. As a preview, here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for her:

Everyone loves a little stardust! Our Stardust Hoops ($55) are hand wrapped to create our signature Bloom look. Choose from oxidized silver, gold plated, or sterling silver to best fit the recipient’s style. 

Our Signature Wrapped Bangles (starting at $60) are perfect gifts for her this year, wrapping her arm to let her know you are always with her.

Our Kyanite Hand Wrapped Rings ($84) can be made in any size and are available in either 14k gold filled or sterling silver. Aren’t the pops of color alone enough to make ANYONE a little happier? (Learn more about Kyanite.

The Turquoise Filigree Layering Necklace ($95) is a longtime Bloom customer favorite. Its timelessness and versatility make it an ideal fit for coordinating with all of your Bloom pieces. 

The stunning Rose Cut Diamond Round Delicate Necklace ($126) from our Diamond Collection is available in oxidized silver, gold filled, or sterling silver. Which combination will make it a perfect gift for her?  

Bloom’s Curb Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet ($130) is pretty much instant sophistication and swagger. Even if you’re also wearing sweatpants, how can you not feel amazing while wearing this gift of gorgeousness? 

For more 2020 gift ideas, please visit our full list of Great Gifts Under $150

The Bloom Jewelry Lifetime Guarantee

When you give someone a piece of Bloom Jewelry, you can rest assured that it’s a gift that will last. We offer a lifetime guarantee on everything we make, so you can rest assured of lasting quality and life-long customer service. Life happens, but no matter what, we’re here to repair, refresh, or polish every cherished Bloom piece. Just reach out to to get the process started. 

Need help picking out exactly the right gift to #MakeSomeoneHappy? Send us a message or schedule a chat with one of our Personal Shoppers & Stylists. We’d love to help you find the perfect piece.

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