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We can all use a little help, encouragement, and inspiration sometimes. Whatever you believe about the healing properties of gemstones, it’s undeniable: Jewelry empowers us. That’s the motivation behind our Gemstone Feature series. By sharing the stories of some of the gemstones gracing our latest Bloom pieces, we celebrate the countless ways jewelry brings positive energy to our lives.

Looking solely at their price tags, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Diamond and Rock Crystal must not have a ton in common. But the truth is, they absolutely do! Read on to learn why these two gorgeous gemstones actually deserve side-by-side consideration.

What Are the April Birthstones?

While Diamond continues to be the most popular April birthstone globally, Rock Crystal — transparent, colorless Quartz — is an increasingly popular choice, especially in the United Kingdom. These two gemstones share the characteristics of clarity, colorlessness, and varying levels of shine and sparkle. For this reason, Rock Crystals have been used for centuries as imitation Diamonds. So what are the biggest differences between the April birthstones?
Diamonds — the hardest of any natural substance on earth (10 on the Mohs scale) — are more durable, precious, highly valued, and thus pricey. Rock Crystal is itself quite durable (7 on the Mohs scale). But Quartz is, according to the International Gem Society (IGS), one of the most common minerals on earth, making Rock Crystal the more budget-friendly choice. And whereas Diamond is a single element, carbon, Rock Crystal brings together two of the world’s most abundant elements, oxygen and silicon. In terms of appearance, Diamonds tend to have a more brilliant and “fiery” sparkle and luster. That said, with the right cut, Rock Crystal can give off an incredibly impressive sparkle. While both gemstones may feature inclusions, Rock Crystal tends to offer a wider variety (such as these gorgeous “trees”).

What Are the Healing Properties and Meaning of Diamond?

According to the American Gem Society (AGS), the word Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning “invincible.” Indeed, beyond being the hardest natural substance on earth, Diamonds have proven to have some serious staying power: Per the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), they have been traded as early as the fourth century BCE and long coveted by royalty and the wealthy. The meaning of Diamond has evolved over the years, but at its core are the ideas of strength in love and marriage, mental clarity and creativity, and promoting energy, joy, and balance. 

The supposed healing properties of Diamonds echo these meanings, and are thought to include: 

  • Boosting inner strength, longevity, energy, and joy. As GIA reports, early beliefs that the traditional April birthstone could ward off the evil eye and heal ailments ultimately became the belief that Diamonds were “a boon for longevity, strength, beauty, and happiness.” Other sources suggest that Diamonds can help wearers to overcome fear and crises. 
  • Supporting healthier relationships. Diamonds have become the near-universal choice for engagement and wedding rings and symbolizing eternal love. While we hope there’s more holding up your relationship than a sparkly ring on your finger, Diamonds can be a beautiful reminder of the strength underpinning our relationships.
  • Promoting balance, clarity, creativity, and abundance. IGS relates that Diamonds are often associated with brain health, a good sense of balance, and having a lot of energy. Other sources mention supposed Diamond healing properties of manifesting abundance and stimulating creativity, imagination, and clarity of mind. 

What Are the Healing Properties and Meaning of Rock Crystal?

According to IGS, the name Quartz comes from the Greek word for ice, krystallos, and it’s not hard to see how Rock Crystal became another commonly used name. The clarity and beauty of Rock Crystal’s appearance led to meanings associated with clarity, balance, perfection, purity, mystical abilities and guidance, spirituality, and energy that heals and creates. Aboriginal shamans in Australia use clear Quartz as a “healing tool and a spirit helper,” helping them access deep insights and see into other worlds. According to Gem Rock Auctions, in the Middle Ages, Clear Quartz was cut into crystal balls used for divination. Native Americans and ancient Egyptians and Romans all believed in the healing properties of Rock Crystal. Japanese culture considers Rock Crystal a symbol of perfection. 

Nowadays, Rock Crystal is known as the “Universal Crystal” and “Master Healer” given its global popularity and supposed healing properties. Specifically, the healing properties of Rock Crystal are thought to include: 

  • Balancing, amplifying, transmitting, and storing energy, as well as neutralizing negative energy and transforming our intentions and dreams into reality. Rock Crystal is often used as a “cleansing” stone for the chakras and thought to help wearers receive and transmit energy from the universe, including enhancing the energy of other gemstones.
  • Enhancing clarity of the mind, including improving concentration and knowledge retention, increasing inspiration and creativity, and reducing the distractions and noise that often fill our brains with unhelpful chatter. 
  • Supporting physical and spiritual health. Some believe that Rock Crystal can strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, and restore energy and strength for body, mind, and spirit.

In other words, with either Diamond or Rock Crystal, you’re choosing a beautiful gemstone associated with energy, clarity, and various kinds of strength. You really can’t go wrong with either of these April birthstones! Check out our Diamond Gift Guide, our selection of Diamond Best Sellers, and our Rock Crystal jewelry collection — or scroll down to see some of our favorites. 

Bloom’s Picks for April Birthstone Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry Favorites

Our Starburst Pave Diamond Studs are the wear-anywhere, goes-with-everything earrings that will rarely sit unworn and unloved in your jewelry box. (Studs are Sterling Silver, of course.)

Ready to go for the glam? Our Baguette Diamond Wheel Paperclip Necklace will get you there, guaranteed! This stunning statement necklace features an antique Sterling Silver chain (max 18”).

Seeking something a little different in your Diamonds? These gorgeous Green Diamond Bridge Linear Hoops sparkle with unique hand wrapped floating Green Diamonds — Mother Nature’s finest! Available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled.

Rock Crystal Jewelry Favorites

Our adorable Rock Crystal & Gold Filigree Anklet brings together this April gemstone with our customer favorite filigree chain. The anklet can be clasped on any link to ensure a perfect fit!

This lovely little Rock Crystal Birthstone Charm can help you build out the perfect charm bracelet or charm necklace — for a loved one or yourself! Visit Bloom’s revamped Charm Bar to complete your personalized charm bracelet or charm necklace combination.

Our Rock Crystal Tear Stardust Gold Drop Earrings feature delicate Rock Crystal teardrops and 14k Gold Filled Hand Wrapping. Bring that clarity everywhere you go!

Did you know Bloom helps people create custom jewelry, too? Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a completely unique piece of birthstone jewelry. Just send us a message with your ideas and questions, and we’ll be happy to set up a time to discuss your custom birthstone jewelry project! 

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