Starry summer nights. They’re filled with warmth, wonder, and possibility. Who doesn’t have an indelible memory of some starry summer night or another spent staring awestruck into the vastness of the Milky Way, feeling the amazement of it all? 

When you see a shooting star, do you wish on it? I do. I have to. Those stars are a reminder to stay hopeful, and reach higher. For many of us, the stars just have that kind of power. 

The summer months help us remember to slow down, look up, and remember the truly enormous scope of what’s possible. Too often, we’re far too busy doing exactly the opposite. To help us honor and remember those peaceful, hopeful summer night skies, we’re releasing an updated and expanded Diamond Star Collection for summer 2022. In this collection, the timeless, universal splendor of the starry night sky comes alive courtesy of on-trend Enamel Pendants, Pave Diamonds, and an array of inspired chain combinations. 

We first released some of our gorgeous Diamond Star pieces in fall 2021, feeling the need for a little hope, optimism, and starlight amidst the dimming of our summer dreams. Several of these pieces have since become customer favorites, so we decided to see what else we could create. The updated collection includes several amazing new Enamel and Pave Diamond Coin Pendants. Mixed in with our existing pieces, this starry-eyed collection has a little something for everyone. 

Diamond Star & Enamel Jewelry Worth Wishing For

View the entire Diamond Star Collection here, or check out a few of our favorites below. 

This gorgeous Gray Starry Night Enamel & Pave Diamond Charm Duo Paperclip Necklace (pictured) brings together a mixed 14K Gold Filled and Oxidized Silver Paperclip Chain, Pave Diamonds, and Bloom’s signature hand wrapping with an elegant new Gray “Starry Night” Enamel Pendant (30mm by 35mm). Also available with a Turquoise Enamel Pendant or a Navy Enamel Pendant. With these Enamel necklaces, you can wish upon a shooting star wherever you are! 

Our Labradorite & Pave Diamond Coin Paperclip Necklace (pictured) puts a sparkly new Diamond-encrusted spin on our original Turquoise & Pave Diamond Brushed Coin Paperclip Necklace. Labradorite’s mysterious inner light seems to echo that of the moon — and in fact, this glorious necklace is also available in White Moonstone. White Moonstone brings its own magic!

We positively adore these Enamel Star & Pave Diamond Halo Delicate Necklaces (pictured)! 14K Gold Filled chains and hand wrapping complement Periwinkle or Turquoise Enamel Pendant Stars surrounded by delicate haloes of Pave Diamonds. (Also available with 14K Gold Filled Paperclip Chains, Mixed Metal Toggle Chains, and 14K Gold Mixed Toggle Chains.)

Seeking a slightly more subtle Diamond Star? Look no further than our Rose Cut Diamond Star Delicate Necklace (pictured), available with either 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chains. The 13mm-long, 11mm-wide Rose Cut Diamond Pendants, finished with Bloom’s signature hand wrapping, slide freely on the delicate chain, which can be clasped at either 16.75” or 18.5”.

These Starburst Pave Diamond Studs (pictured) are bound to become a starry staple in your summer jewelry wardrobe. These incredible but perfect-for-everyday Pave Diamond Earrings have Sterling Silver studs and are 8mm in diameter. 

Wishing on a star for some new pieces of jewelry to add to your OWN collection? Create an account on Bloom Jewelry and start building out your Wishlist today. Next time someone asks you what you’d like for a gift, you’ll be much more likely to get exactly what you’ve been wishing for!

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