We can all use a little help, encouragement, and inspiration sometimes. Whatever you believe about the healing properties of gemstones, it’s undeniable: Jewelry empowers us. That’s the motivation behind our Gemstone Feature series. By sharing the stories of some of the gemstones gracing our latest Bloom pieces, we celebrate the countless ways jewelry brings positive energy to our lives.

The start of a new year is a perfect time to celebrate the great and gorgeous Garnet. The January birthstone and second-anniversary gemstone feels custom-made for ushering us into a prosperous new year. Read on to learn about the origins, meaning, and supposed healing properties of Garnet that make it an apt choice for starting the new year right, and view all of our Garnet jewelry here

1. Promoting Vitality, “Life Force,” and Creativity

Life can feel exhausting, and the dawning of yet another year doesn’t always find us feeling energetic or inspired. Garnet is here to get your blood pumping and make you feel ready for the world. The gemstone’s red coloration has long been associated with blood and the heart, and as the American Gem Society (AGS) relates, the Egyptians called Garnet “the symbol of life” and believed it symbolized good health. In the delightful words of the International Gem Society (IGS), it has been thought to “counter melancholy, stir the heart to great deeds, prevent hemorrhage, and improve circulation.” Garnet’s vitality is also thought to extend to stirring creative energy.

BLOOM PICK: Our Garnet Slice Short Necklace or Garnet Tear Deli Necklace feature this theoretically life-giving gemstone in two different looks that position your Garnet jewelry over your heart. Choose the slice for a more rough-hewn vibe or the faceted tear for a more classic look.

2. Protecting Wearers From Harm (and Promoting Luck!)

Each new year brings fresh adventures, challenges, and experiments in how we live our lives. We all hope for smooth journeys on which we’re shielded from undue distress or trouble — and Garnet has long been associated with protecting wearers from harm. IGS details the many cultures who historically shared this belief: Saxon and Celtic kings and Christian and Muslim warriors wore Garnet into battle, Native American healers used it to ward off injury and poison, and British and Russian royalty were well-known for wearing Garnet on their garments. Garnet’s reputation as a protective gemstone has also led to its association with promoting good luck. 

BLOOM PICK: Our Garnet & 14K Gold Filled Filigree Layering Necklace offers an easy way to bring your “protective” Garnet into the realm of everyday wear. Lovely on its own or layered with other Bloom signature layering pieces

3. Strengthening Relationships

As we embark on 2023, it’s a beautiful time to celebrate the people we care about most, and to do what we can to reaffirm or strengthen those relationships. Relationships help to make our time on earth meaningful, enjoyable, and full of promise. And as it happens, the supposed healing properties of Garnet have long been associated with the ability to strengthen love, intimacy, and relationships, including marriages, romantic relationships, friendships, and even business relationships. Garnet is even thought to make you feel good about yourself (yay for self-love!), encouraging healthy introspection and success in interacting with others. Many also view Garnet as a stone of commitment.

BLOOM PICK: These Garnet Tear Stardust Gold Drop Earrings are sure to leave your (or your loved one’s) earlobes feeling well-loved! These red Garnet teardrops, available in 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver, are complemented with Bloom signature hand-wrapping.

4. Lasting a Lifetime

We don’t know about you, but we’re hoping that the choices we make in 2023 set us up for lasting success. On that note, gifts of Garnet jewelry are remarkably durable: On the Mohs scale of hardness, the different types of Garnet range between 6.5 and 7.5. AGS reports that Garnet jewelry remnants have been found dating back to the Bronze Age. While most of us won’t require full centuries of wear, it’s nice to feel reassured that our Garnet jewelry will still look fab decades down the road. 

BLOOM PICK: Of course we created our signature triple wrap bracelet with Garnet! Our Garnet Rondelle Triple Wrap Magnetic Clasp Bracelet is a durable and stylish bracelet that you’ll keep wearing for years to come. Choose your size, leather color, and width to ensure a perfect fit.

5. Reaching for Rainbows

Okay, so we may be reaching the tiniest bit with this last one — but what’s not to love about a gemstone you could use to make an entire rainbow? Rainbows represent new beginnings, promises, good luck, and hope. We love rainbows so much we once built a full collection around them, so we absolutely love the idea of a different kind of gemstone rainbow to kick off 2023. Indeed, while most people are familiar with red Garnet, the striking gemstone comes in a whole rainbow of colors, including green, purple, orange, yellow, blue, and different shades of red and pink. Garnets, GIA explains, are actually a set of closely related minerals comprising a group of gemstones in nearly every color.

BLOOM PICK: Our Garnet Cluster U Necklace is a delightful red-hued rainbow of a necklace featuring a gold-edged Garnet tear among Strawberry Quartz and Silverite stones cut in unique shapes.

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