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When we head to gem shows, we typically have a pretty good idea of a color story we are thinking of for an upcoming season.  Typically.  Sometimes though, a beautiful or unusual stone throws us a curve ball and we head back to the drawing board.  Fortunately, that was not the case for this fall and winter season.  We do a lot of color research of what’s coming up in the fashion world.  We knew Marsala was named Color of the Year by Pantone.  And while we’ve worked with garnets in the past, we knew we hit the gemstone jackpot when we came across the garnet slices and rutilated quartz that became the central theme for our current collection.  It was then an easy jump to finally incorporate the black kyanite we’ve been patiently waiting on for years and throw in the unusual tourmalinated quartz we also uncovered.  This mercurial collection certainly fits the mood of the baroque and gothic undertones of much of this fall’s clothing.  (We’re loving it!!!) Perhaps we’ve come across a previously unknown, yet successful Bloom equation:  Shorter Days = Shadowy Jewelry.  Who knew that exploring our dark sides could be so much fun?!?

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