Stocking stuffers. For most people, the age-old holiday tradition yields a mixed bag of small and often forgettable gifts. Favorite candies and snacks are quickly consumed. Bath and body products end up buried inside drawers or closets. After getting a quick laugh, those gag gifts may be immediately relegated to the trash bin, having already outlived their usefulness. That pair of funny socks may make an occasional reappearance on someone’s feet — but c’mon y’all. When it comes to stocking stuffer gift ideas, can’t we do even better

Here at Bloom, we can’t help thinking that stocking stuffers are a missed opportunity. By thinking beyond the stocking stuffer gift ideas available at your local Target, World Market, or Trader Joe’s (all of which we love, by the way!), you have the ability to give someone a true holiday surprise. After all, who WOULDN’T love to find something truly unexpected in their holiday stocking? Especially if that stocking stuffer surprise brought a little more sparkle and shine into their lives? 

Because we make jewelry, we’re of course suggesting gifts of jewelry. Jewelry gifts make for stocking stuffers that really sparkle! In particular, we’d love to suggest some of Lindsay’s favorite minimalist jewelry pieces at stocking-appropriate price points. Starting at $50, these elegant, timeless selections offer stocking stuffers to suit nearly anyone. Like these Turquoise Rondelle Stardust Drop Earrings, guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day:

Or maybe one of our Triple Wrap Leather Cuff Bracelets, perfect for adding sophistication to whatever you’re wearing (even those omnipresent sweats):

Our Rose Gold Cylinder Delicate Necklaces make a fantastic everyday necklace, great for layering or on its own:

Or if you’d like to reach below the $50+ price point, what about a pair of our eminently versatile Signature Bloom Black Ties, lovely as either hair ties or bracelets?

One final note: We won’t tell anyone if you decide to stuff your own stocking with a little sparkle and shine this year. After all, Santa’s taste in jewelry may not be entirely infallible. 

Want more help coming up with stocking stuffer gift ideas? Send us a message or schedule a chat with one of our Personal Shoppers & Stylists. We’d love to help you find the perfect stocking stuffer surprise for your loved one this holiday season!

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