Bridal season is here! Every year around this time, countless brides-to-be are preparing for their fast-impending nuptials by searching for just the right jewelry to elevate their wedding days that special step further. 

Maybe it’s the perfect earrings or necklace to fit that already perfect wedding dress. Maybe it’s some gorgeous pieces in just the right shade of gemstone to match those carefully chosen bridesmaids or flower girl dresses. Or maybe it’s a wholly customized mother-of-the-bride or mother-in-law gift, to help those crucially important women feel the specialness of their roles. Whatever the need, Bloom can help, working side-by-side with you to create the incomparable custom bridal jewelry that exactly fits your vision.

We’ve been there ourselves. We know how hard it is to go into store after store, searching for just the right pieces of bridal jewelry – and finding the available choices to be “not quite right” in ways that are oddly hard to describe to the jewelry salespeople… who are understandably focused on making a sale. Shopping for bridal jewelry is a process that can be fraught with pressure, disappointment, and a fast-accumulating pile of not-quite-right jewelry purchased “just in case” (but that you’ll probably return). Why not skip all that and create exactly what you want? 

Bloom Jewelry’s custom bridal design services put the bride back in the position of power. Bloom’s head designer Lindsay is passionate about helping brides and their loved ones to imagine and create the custom bridal jewelry that fits their visions – no “well, I guess that’ll be good enough” compromises needed. Just say “I Do!”, and let us take care of the rest.

Bloom Jewelry’s Custom Bridal Design Services: How It Works 

Get in touch. Whether you have questions and would like to learn more or you’re ready to schedule a consultation, reach out to Lindsay at or (303) 941-2562. Custom design services are one of Lindsay’s foremost passions, and you’ll work directly with her throughout the process. 

Schedule a complimentary custom bridal design consultation with Lindsay. Depending on your schedule, goals, preferences, and location (we’re located in Denver, CO), Lindsay will work with you to schedule either an in-studio or video consultation. 

Work one-on-one with Lindsay to create your vision. Your custom bridal design consultation is where the real magic starts to happen. The process begins with Lindsay taking the time to understand your vision and goals and get a clear understanding of your needs, timeline, and budget. She’ll show you any gemstones, styles, or settings that you may have in mind, and may recommend other ideas that fit your vision. At in-person consults, you may even be able to select specific gemstones to be used in custom bridal jewelry for yourself or loved ones. 

Lindsay works her design magic. Following your consultation, Lindsay will personally create your custom bridal jewelry designs as agreed. If she anticipates that additional consultations will be needed to complete the pieces, she will let you know. When the jewelry is ready, it will be lovingly packaged in gift boxes just right for presenting on your special day. 

Enjoy your custom bridal jewelry for life. Every piece of Bloom jewelry comes with a complimentary lifetime guarantee. Life happens, and when it feels like it’s time to refresh, polish, untangle, or repair, we are here to help – free of charge. Give yourself and your loved ones a wedding keepsake that will truly last a lifetime.

Looking for Custom Bridal Jewelry Inspiration? 

Every custom bridal jewelry design from Bloom Jewelry starts from a strong foundation, since we offer a range of signature styles and a massive dose of creativity alongside an impressive inventory of carefully chosen gemstones at every price point. While your imagination will be our ultimate guide, the sample pieces and collections below can help to jumpstart your custom wedding jewelry inspiration. 

Diamond Slice

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Diamond Huggies and studs made in usa

Diamond Studs

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Bloom’s Diamond Guide

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Diamonds That Are Forever. Diamonds are a timeless choice for weddings – for very, very good reason, because who doesn’t love a carefully chosen Diamond? Bloom’s Diamond Guide makes it easy to navigate our wide array of Diamonds and styles, from best sellers, chokers, studs, and huggies to elegant Baguette Diamonds, sparkling Rose Cut Diamonds, shimmering Pave Diamonds, and utterly one-of-a-kind Diamond Slices.  

Wedding-Perfect Pearls. Pearls are another classic choice for bridal jewelry throughout the ages. Bloom’s Pearl Collection brings together unique Petal Pearls, Diamond Slices, and Pave Diamonds alongside more traditional Pearls and a range of graceful chains and settings.

A Rainbow of Gemstones. Bloom’s Birthstone Guide offers a great launchpad, since we’ve taken the concept well beyond birthstones to detail the supposed meanings of each of these gorgeous gemstones. So if your accent color is a delicious shade of blue, you can quickly check out blue-toned inspirations in everything from Sapphire, Lapis, and Tanzanite to Turquoise. 

But your gemstone options don’t end there! There’s a huge spectrum of other gemstones that aren’t represented in the birthstone guide, such as those below. These gemstones also come with a range of supposed meanings that can help you make your gifts of custom bridal jewelry as meaningful as they are beautiful. For example:

Have questions about the custom bridal jewelry design process? Ready to schedule a complimentary consultation with Lindsay? Either way, let’s talk! Email or (303) 941-2562. Lindsay is excited to hear all of your ideas!

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