One of our favorite and “newish” stores to the Bloom coterie, is Eleanor in Louisville, CO.  We reached out recently to Tracy Hobbs, the delightful owner of Eleanor, to ask her a few questions about her store, her outlook on running a business and summer plans.  Thank you to Tracy for taking the time to answer our questions and charm us with your responses!

  • How would you describe your store?

Contemporary women’s clothing store carrying the latest trends and designers.

  • How long have you been in business?

2 years, August 17.

  • Do you have a favorite line?  Is there a new line we should all keep an eye open for?

Our favorite line is always our newest line that we are introducing to the front range.  We take pride in bringing new things to Louisville.  Right now I would say Rails LA, Linnea Pelle, and Rory Becca.

  • What is the one accessory you can’t live without?

A great bag. I love to have a designer statement in a bag that works for that time and that outfit.  Whether being a tote to travel with or a cross body for a night out.  I think a good bag makes or breaks your outfit.

  • What styling advise do you share with all your customers?

Don’t “overdoo” your outfit.  Don’t add too many accessories.  Make it simple, and classic.

  • What has surprised you the most after you opened your store?

How many customers would drive from so many different cities to shop at Eleanor.  Word of mouth is our best customer.  We love that we have customers from all over the front range.

  • Do you have any tips on balancing work & family?

Ugh! Breathe and do the best that you can at each job. Family always comes first…Sometimes you have to hang a “gone fishing” sign on the door, and take the day off.

  • What book is on the top of your summer reading list?

To Kill a Mocking Bird.  I am ashamed to say that I’ve never read it.  Cant wait to meet Atticus Finch.

  • Any vacation plans?  What is your favorite vacation destination?

Small camping trips.  I must admit that my idea of camping is staying at the “Marriot instead of the Ritz” but I can’t seem to stay away from the mountains and this great state that we live in.

  • Are you a minimalist packer or an over-packer?  Any packing suggestions for the rest of us?

Surprisingly, I am a minimalist packer.  I try to stay within one color palate so that I don’t have to bring too many shoes. A great pair of jeans goes a long way.  Black works in Europe…solid colors are good to travel with.  Always have a scarf or a wrap for the plane because you are going to get cold…

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