In the studio, it’s important for us to offer pretty things at an affordable price, regardless of the time of year. But around the holidays, we know how nice it is to have your dollars go further. For the $100 and under category, we rounded up some of our favorite signature pieces that we wear every day and a few novelty seasonal pieces that we now can’t live without. For a great layering piece, or for something clean to go with any outfit, we like our Signature Cylinder and Signature U Necklaces. At $77, they can’t be beat for versatility. Checked our wrists lately? Yep, our Leather Wrap Bracelets with a magnetic closure are always mixed in with our Signature Skinny Bangles. Get yours for $80 and $50, respectively. Diamonds? Who said Diamonds? We did! Our Pave Starburst Studs, Mini Triangle Studs and Mini Round Studs are all under $100 and fit perfectly in a stocking.


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