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Let “Lover’s Stone” Moonstone Guide You to Love This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, lovers and would-be lovers alike are searching for meaningful gifts symbolizing love and affection. Certainly, bright-red Rubies and sparkling Diamonds are popular and time-tested choices. But this Valentine’s Day, why not give a more unique gemstone symbolizing love at its most romantic, bathed in moonlight and aglow with a seemingly otherworldly magic? Meet the gorgeous and ethereal Moonstone, Bloom’s choice for conveying the fairy-tale romance and magic we idealize each Valentine’s Day.We’ve previously featured this otherworldly gemstone in Bloom’s blog, detailing the supposed meanings and healing properties of Moonstone, a variety of Feldspar. Indeed, Moonstone – an alternative June birthstone, alongside traditional June birthstone Pearl – has amassed an incredible range of associations. It is thought to be a stone of love, luck, protection, balance, tranquility, strength, growth, and renewal, with supposed healing properties focused on calming emotions, reducing anxiety, and promoting love, luck, intuition, fertility, and more. For Valentine’s Day, we’re obviously most interested in Moonstone’s associations with love, affection, and developing intuition about our relationships. Read on to learn why, throughout history, many cultures have come to know Moonstone as the “Lover’s Stone.” Exploring Moonstone’s “Lovely” Lunar LinkMoonstone’s translucent, lustrous, and light-reflecting appearance comes from its adularescence, caused by layers of Feldspar scattering light between them. The result is that light appears to shimmer and move across the gem, and that humans through the ages began associating its seemingly otherworldly characteristics with the heavenly body closest at hand, the Earth’s moon. The moon is often associated with romance: To be “moonstruck” is to be “unable to think or act normally, especially because of being in love,” and countless films have depicted moons presiding over scenes of romance. We “moon over” someone when we can’t stop thinking about them. Sometimes, we simply don’t want to – as Cher so eloquently suggested – “snap out of it.” Over the centuries, Moonstone became known as the “Lover’s Stone” due to its reputation for bringing success and luck in love. The International Gem Society (IGS) relates several bits of lore regarding Moonstone’s long association with the moon, as well as its purported ability to attract love:

  • Since the moon renews itself monthly, waning and waxing, some cultures supposed the gemstone could help wearers to remain or become more youthful in appearance. Thanks, but we’ll stick with our skin creams and sun protection. 
  • Moonstone lore also speculated that holding a Moonstone in one’s hands during a full moon while envisioning your love coming to you – and then carrying the stone until the next full moon – could cast a spell. Well, it certainly can’t hurt. 
  • IGS also relates that, after a quarrel, lovers would exchange Moonstones to restore love and peace. Was it the Moonstone or the act of giving it? Either way, the gesture has a pleasing symbolism.
  • Moonstone for Awakening Femininity, Intuition, and HealingOther sources on the web focused on decoding Moonstone’s meaning, history, and supposed healing properties call out the gemstone’s ability to increase one’s luck in – and openness to – love, reunite lovers who’ve parted, awaken the feminine energies, and promote intuition and balanced emotions. For example:
  • Anahana explains that Hindu mythology considered Moonstone a sacred stone with powerful feminine energy, believed to enhance intuition and “bring balance and emotional healing.” It reports that, in ancient Rome, the gemstone was used in jewelry to “protect against bad energy and promote good fortune.” Perhaps most importantly, Anahana calls out the supposed healing property of “promoting self-acceptance.” For anyway, isn’t the first step toward true love… being able to love oneself?
  • Well+Good echoes Moonstone’s symbolism of divine feminine energy – and suggests keeping a moonstone in one’s bedroom. It also suggests the gemstone may have the power to help you “move past judgment to open up to love and affection.” 
  • The Spruce Crafts shares various fun facts about Moonstone, pointing out its connection with water Zodiac signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius) and layering in the supposed Moonstone healing properties of enhancing intuition, alleviating fears associated with change, balancing emotions, improving confidence, and helping a person “become more passionate.”

    Most likely, if someone says “I love you to the moon and back,” they’re not referring specifically to a figure of 477,710 miles (two times the average distance between the sun and the moon), but instead attempting to express the general extremity of their love. This Valentine’s Day, to help you express the extremity of your love, why not give a gift of Moonstone jewelry? Check out Bloom’s entire collection of Moonstone jewelry, or consider some favorites below. 
    For a picture-perfect pair of lightweight earrings that are easily dressed up or down, check out our White Moonstone Drop Earrings(pictured), approximately 1.3” long. Think your Valentine may prefer a more defined dangle? Look no further than these lovely White Moonstone Bridge Linear Hoops, which are ~2 ⅝” long and feature floating rows of rondelle gemstones.

    Looking for Moonstone jewelry your loved one is certain to treasure forever? Our White Moonstone Paperclip Toggle Necklace (pictured) is a gorgeous and timeless piece that makes a statement, whether worn alone or layered with other necklaces.

    Speaking of layering necklaces… Bloom’s White Moonstone Filigree Layering Necklace is a new everyday favorite around here. Featuring 14k Gold Filled Textured Layering Chain, this versatile necklace can be worn at varying lengths from 17”-18”.

    Is your Valentine inclined to mix in some leather alongside their lace? Consider our White Moonstone Rondelle Thin Leather Triple Wrap Magnetic Clasp Bracelet, which pairs our classic triple-wrap bracelet design with three varied sections of rondelle Moonstones.

    Seeking more ways to personalize your Valentine’s Day gift? Slide up to Bloom’s Charm Bar, where you can pair a necklace or bracelet with a wide assortment of birthstone, gemstone, Zodiac, or symbolic charms – including lovely, lunar Moonstone.

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