These past two weeks have been scary. A daze of disbelief, and how could this be? A roller coaster of emotions;  isolation, confusion, overwhelm, a feeling a loss of control and a fear of the unknown. In essence I have been grieving the loss of life, life as we have come to know it. With our studio shuttered right now, I  miss my girls, my team, my balance of my ying and my yang. I worry for them, for all my loved ones especially my parents, whom I wish I could hug right now. I long for routine and structure and in person connection. 

As I feel and recognize all of these emotions I also realize now is the time to rise strong, be brave, and have faith. For my family, my friends, my team, myself but most importantly my children. To find good in the little things, work less and enjoy my boys as they grow so fast before my eyes. I always say I wish I could freeze time, that they are growing up so fast and that life is flying by. Maybe this is our time, our pause button. A time to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life, a time of learning, teaching and personal growth. A time to help the elders, neighbors and those in need. A time to practice gratitude and stillness and a time to get clear about what really matters in life. 

I know we haven’t seen the worst of this yet and we are still adapting to this new and temporary way of life. There is no doubt there will be  heartache, sickness and sadness, as well as the toll it will take on our economy and small businesses. But in this pause, I do see the good that is happening as well. The beautiful side of humanity coming together as communities to raise each other up and support one another. This commonality is bringing us closer together as humans despite the distance. And personally an appreciation of the simple things, like family time, walking, biking,  reading, board games, fresh air, sunshine, flowers blooming, neighbors helping each other, people playing live music for passersby on their porches, connecting through facetime and phone calls with loved ones and just slowing down the crazy pace of life we’ve been living.   

It is our intention to keep finding ways to stay positive amidst this uncertainty.  We will continue to post things that lift us up and please share things that are bringing you peace. and positivity.  In the spirit of having something to look forward to each day, we will be offering a Bloom “Deal of the Day” on Instagram so check that out too, featuring flash specials from our newest collection. 

They say it takes a village and I do believe in that. I am grateful for our village and know that we will persevere and get through this. 

Sending well wishes and virtual hugs, 

xoxo, Lindsay 

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