Lindsay Bloom Backman is the owner and head designer here at Bloom. Get to know Lindsay a little more while getting a sneak peak at her staples, current favorites and wish list pieces.

What are your Bloom Staple pieces?

I can’t leave the house without earrings on, I feel incomplete. So I am always wearing either our pave diamond studs in a variety of styles, or a pair of gold hoops. My other staple is our signature bloom bangle. Though I switch my jewelry all the time this is the one piece I wear everyday. I may have it layered some days more then others but it’s always on. I gifted it to all my bridesmaids on my wedding day and many of my girlfriends and loved ones have it now too, so it’s sort of organically become a friendship bracelet!

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More about Lindsay

Where are you from? 

New London, Connecticut.

Where do you call home now? 

The Highlands neighborhood in Denver.

Item in your closet you can’t live without? 

My leopard shoes and my cashmere zip hoodie.

Where do you feel most free?

In the ocean/at the beach.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Playing pickelball on the beach, swimming to the raft, rolling in the hot sand, and hearing the sound of the ice cream truck!

What is your favorite gemstone?

Too hard to choose! Depends on the season. This season it’s Moss Aquamarine (which is also my birthstone) it’s richer and deeper then traditional aquamarine. It reminds me of the deep blue/green ocean. I also like to look at the healing properties within the stones too when choosing.

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