We recently got a look inside the jewelry box of our Lousiville, CO boutique, Eleanor & Hobbs. Tracy, owner, gave us insight into her favorite pieces this season, her staple bloom pieces and what she can’t live without .

What are your favorite brands?

My favorite brands change from season to season. Right now my favorite is 360 Cashmere. The colors are amazing. I also love Mother denim and Zadig and Voltaire (edgy, trendy, timeless).

What are this seasons staple pieces?

This seasons staple pieces are a good blazer, a tissue weight cashmere sweater for spring and high waisted jeans.

Item in your closet you can’t live without?

Item I can’t live without is my cashmere travel wrap. Have them in several colors.

What is your Bloom Staple piece?

My bloom staple piece has to be earrings. I wear my grandmothers necklace, so my earrings are where I make my statement. Either diamond studs or a drop earring.

What makes you feel the most confident?

I feel most confident when I am dressed head to toe. Great clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry. I love being current. If it’s sunny out, I feel even better.

Where do you fee the most free?

I feel most free on the water.

What is on your bucket list?

The south of France is on my bucket list.

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