Different moods + different activities = different outfits, right? Most of us absolutely change up our wardrobes depending on what we’re doing and feeling. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our jewelry could easily evolve to accommodate our changing wardrobe?

We built our Charm Collection with precisely this goal in mind. It’s jewelry that you can easily change to fit the ever-evolving rainbow of moments that make up your life. Versatile by nature, each piece invites you to add or subtract charms at will.   

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Charm jewelry has always been a little more fun than your average jewelry. After all, you get to be your own jewelry designer, choosing whichever charms best suit your moment. 

Our collection of gorgeous, handcrafted, guaranteed-for-life charm jewelry pieces makes the process worry-free. Every combination of charms is destined to be equally lovely. The base pieces — the hoop earrings, necklaces, and bracelets — are even stunning on their own.

To get your charm creativity flowing, we’re showcasing a couple of our favorite charm jewelry pieces in different configurations. For an understated, minimalist look, simply slide charms off and pair with classic gold hoops or a favorite gold chain. When the mood strikes, dress up with as many charms as you like. 

Effortless elegance is a fit with any outfit! With charm jewelry, the possibilities abound. We cordially invite you to #GetCharmed, finding a favorite piece of charm jewelry that you can customize to fit every moment of your life. 

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