This season, Lindsay, took designing to where she feels most free, relaxed, and at ease. To the beach. Designing went from our Denver, CO studio to a remote diving village in Mexico. 
Lindsay elaborates on her experience and inspirations and the balance of work and play. 

The beach is my favorite place on earth. It’s the only place I truly relax. I was nervous how to balance both designing and having time for my family. Designing can become all consuming (in a good way) and so can my life of 3 busy and active boys- husband included! I did not want each to get in the way of the other. What I found is that the two can co-exist in a beautiful way. 

My typical day started at sunrise, while all was still… with coffee in hand, of course! I loved being able to watch the sun come up and listen to the waves roll in.  In no time, our outdoor veranda was converted into a jewelry workshop, with a sea of jewelry components surrounding every surface.My creative process does not happen in a sketch book or on a computer. Instead it is very hands on, laying out all possible materials, mixing components, and creating tangible samples one by one. A single idea inspires another and then another. Oftentimes when on a roll, my hands can’t work fast enough. 

Each morning looked the same… sunrise design sessions…a line in the making… new ideas and inspiration swirling… 
And each afternoon equally as inspiring and refreshing filled with sand castles, body surfing, fish tacos and afternoon cervesas!
Somehow I was managing this balance of the three things I love most… my family, jewelry design and the beach. 

What I have yet to mention is that this is not just any beach. What makes this place so special is that is a place we go to truly disconnect to reconnect.  The village has no email, phone, tv, or internet service available. 
Without the distractions of technology, I am instead inspired by so many things: the connection I have to the people I cherish most; gratitude to have work that I love; the beauty of our planet experienced through sunrises, sunsets, star-covered skies, butterflies, bugs, tropical flowers…..  And in the simple things, like the way hot sand feels in my toes, salt water tastes on my skin and the feeling of diving deep into the ocean.

Scroll through Lindsay’s photos capturing some of her favorite moments and inspirations.

We hope the spirit of this collection will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.

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