Our Values_

made_in_USAWe believe that you, our customers, deserve extraordinary customer service.  We believe in Made In The USA.  We believe our customers should be delighted with their Bloom Jewelry and we will customize to your specifications.  We believe jewelry should be repaired for the lifetime of each piece, because life happens.  We believe in jewelry that transitions from school drop-offs, to workday desks, to romantic date nights, because we all need life made simpler.

Design Process_

Our design process starts at the source of it all: rocks. As in, A Girl’s Best Friend. We attend the world’s largest gem shows to work with top suppliers and source the most interesting stones for every season. Our color trend research ensures our collections will match your closet time and time again. Once a seasonal palette has been selected, we hunt for new materials, stones and textiles that we have never seen or worked with before. It is from these materials that inspiration dawns. No sketches are ever made. It is by simply laying out the raw materials, weaving them together, mixing unexpected components, that each story is created.

Meet the Bloom Jewelry Team