2023 Jewelry Trends

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back into the spotlight — the BANGLES! No, not the glorious and pioneering girl band (though they’re still ageless and rocking), but rather the ones decorating our wrists. Because while I’ve personally loved a good bangle since my arm/hand dimensions were sufficient to keep them on my wrist — which just so happens to coincide with the uppercase-B Bangles’ 1980s glory days — the lowercase-b bangles have made a big comeback as a 2023 jewelry trend.


According to Marie Claire, “look towards the runways for proof that bracelets are a mainstay accessory. Bangles and cuffs emerged as one of this year’s biggest winter 2022-2023 jewelry trends, and Khaite, Tory Burch, and Bally all included the pieces in their spring 2023 collections.” Vogue exclaims that “Bangles are Back!”, particularly recommending bangles that are “high in shine and extra large.” Etsy’s top-six “Must-Have Jewelry Trends for 2023” included “statement arms,” attesting that shoppers are turning their focus toward their previously neglected arms and wrists with top-ranking searches for things like “handmade bracelets” and unique styles of bangles and cuffs.


Regardless of bangles’ status as a 2023 jewelry trend worth talking about, they’re SO MUCH FUN TO WEAR. Unlike all earrings and most necklaces, when you’re wearing bangles, *you can see them* even when you’re not looking in the mirror. Your bangles are for YOU to see, not just those around you. After all, won’t that workday be that much more enjoyable if you’ve got a gorgeous bangle or two offering your laptop a much prettier counterpoint?


Yes. It will. It absolutely will. And you don’t need any jewelry trendspotters to tell you that.


Without further ado, we welcome you to explore Bloom Jewelry’s entire collection of beautiful bangles.

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