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Let’s be honest. We didn’t have a ton to celebrate in 2020 and early 2021. For many of us, it was a time for being quiet, subsisting via online grocery orders, and generally fading into the background. 

Now, thanks to those fancy vaccinations, doors are opening again. Maybe you’re back to the office. Back to planning brunches, lunches, and happy hours with friends at your favorite reopened restaurants. Back to happily browsing around farmer’s markets and shopping mall sales. Back to hosting the occasional party or game night with the friends you missed. (Not the ones you didn’t miss at all. Don’t make that mistake!) 

All this to say, many of us are done being quiet. Done coordinating only with our couches. We’re ready to see and be seen, and to celebrate a world that’s slowly reopening to joy, fun, fashion, and some carefully planned, appropriately conducted abandon. Which is why we’re here to talk about a 2021 jewelry trend that’s making a comeback: statement silver. 

Statement silver is for making an audacious announcement to the world: YOU’RE BACK, and you’re ready to shine. Statement silver is for expanding your work wardrobe beyond the realm of yoga pants and that “subtle” jewelry that matched the overarching sadness of 2020. Statement silver is for expressing your personality, declaring your power, showing some serious confidence, and jazzing your world up with a little overdue sparkle, shine, and spine. 

If you’re ready for some dazzling new statement silver to help you celebrate your 2021 comeback, Bloom Jewelry is here to help. Check out all of our gorgeous pieces of statement silver, or browse through a few of our favorites below.

Have questions about the statement silver 2021 jewelry trend? Send us a message! Better yet, schedule a chat with one of our Personal Shoppers & Stylists to help you pick out just the right statement silver layering jewelry or standalone pieces.

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